Be More Chill

Based on the popular musical Be More Chill.

Ok so we know what the poor students at Middle Borough went through but did we really? This is a book about what really happened inside that brain of Jeremy Heere's; school geek and outcast.


1. Jeremy's Theme

Do you ever feel like nothing you do matters? You leave footprints on the beach and the next day they’re gone. Like it’s just today over again with a different name. Another sunrise with a beckoning sunset for a loser who couldn’t possibly be anymore invisible. Every day I stare into my reflection thinking it’s going to be different, better, that I might actually figure out this mess that I am, but every day it’s a letdown.

I’m just Jeremy, about the only person on this earth destined to be a loser forever and probably after that. Just Jeremy whose own mother walked out on him ‘cause she saw her son and husband as complete nobodies. Jeremy who manage to make only one friend in his entire life. Jeremy who can’t even work up the courage to walk down the same hall as the most popular kid in school let alone ask out one girl. And to be completely honest with myself, I might never change anything.

If I continue at this rate the only thing I’ll ever date is my MacBook Pro’s hard-drive. Sooner or later I’m gonna accept it. I’m just not… ready to give in to complete failure in life.

So here’s to 10th grade. A step closer to freedom.


Short first chapter I know I know. And just so y'all know this is a legit song... I mean instrumental. My chapter titles will all be song titles from the musical XD.


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