Okay so the same person decided to back lash at me with a 'diss' story. All I want to say is that she is completely in a blissful ignorance of how much she fucking hurt me. She says she is 'calm' about the entire situation. I think that is completely inhumane, saying that she is alright about hurting someone without knowing their fucking life. We get it! Not everyone has a great life like you do! No one forced you to be friends with me, and all that shit about 'talking it out', funny how you didn't do it. LOL. If you wanted to say something, say it to my face, as you said 'its not like I bite.' And sorry bitch, but this is who I fucking am, no one said you have to like it. Its funny really, how god created the entire universe, but decided that it still needed me in it, and you are ready to hate behind my back just because you cant face me up for yourself. I get it though, you are still young and learning! All that shit about us being 'family' was just loud talk wasn't it? Wanted to look like u fucking cared, didnt u? And then u go about being muslim and holy, what does islam say about back-biting? Bitch Dont TRY!!!!! Hafsah actually understands why I act the way I do, cuz she knows me from a very young age. Its barely been 3 years, and you're ready to go judge me without knowing the back-drop. LMFAO. Once I actually thought you were a decent person, who I can count on, but when you said you'll always have my back, I didnt think you meant it for a storage place for your knives. You barely know me, so do what you do best and swallow your words back down your filthy little mouth you hoe, cos thats what u r. U hurt me more than u would ever know. Crying isn't something I would do in front of ppl but with everything going on, and then u come along and add to my problems, I couldn't do anything about it. I cried long and hard at lunch that day, and I was on a silence for 2 days not for a sponsorship but because I had enough. I had enough of all the bullshit my parents r doing, everything thats going on in mosque and enough of u. Keep ur little trap shut if you cant fucking say it to my face. Ur just making it worse. But its okay isn't it? Im doing it all for attention right? Suicide thoughts. Crying Myself to sleep. Fits of anger. Depression Episodes. Its all for attention right?

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