For You

This is a collection of poems i've been writing since the start of my hiatus. Some are sloppy, and some i'm incredibly proud of. These take me from heartbreak, suffering and rock bottom; to healing, brushing off and starting out fresh- in no particular order.

I'm finally at a place where i've started to find peace in these experiences, and i've realised that once you become comfortable with that, you become less shy with sharing them out.

And that's why this collection is titled 'For You'; because to whoever comes by this and decides to read it, if you can relate- to whatever extent, it's for you. I hope you find yourself in these words, get lost in these words, and enjoy these words, just as I did.

Thank you.


19. what i've wanted to say for a long time

I remember I was eight when

my mother told me there are words

girls aren't supposed to say.

"shit" was not a word to

be heard out of a woman's mouth.

she told me to always 

"act like a lady" and that

girls should always be polite.

hairs on my body were dirty,

and make-up is used to cover up what boys don't like.


I am nineteen now, and I have learnt to forgive

people who laugh,

discredit my words,

reduce and label me because I must be

on "that time of month".

"boys will be boys" they say.

a part of me reminds myself to

not say "shit",

act like a lady,

and be polite.

but why should girls have to do all this

when they can't even say

"period blood" without

barely being able to cover up their escaped giggles,

turn away in embarrassment,

tasting disgust in their mouths?


I am nineteen now and I want to say,

we started from the bottom and now we're here.

but it's the twenty-first century and 

there is still a long way to the top.

I also want to say-

"fuck you".

these are not pretty words,

but I was not born to be pretty.

I was born to be brave.

this is my storm so i'm going to swear

like there is no tomorrow.


I want to say:

I am not ashamed of what mother nature gave me.

I am not ashamed of saying 'vagina'

or 'period blood',

and I am proud to say I am at peace with the body

I came into the world in.

I only get one chance in this life to call it

my home, and it gives me the power

to house my own tiny human being one day.


Maybe one day, i'll be able to

raise a child who will have their own children,

and when the twenty-second century comes around;

we will raise children who are

born to be brave and not pretty,

who will know men cry and women fight

to bring about change,

and will swear to make their voices heard.

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