For You

This is a collection of poems i've been writing since the start of my hiatus. Some are sloppy, and some i'm incredibly proud of. These take me from heartbreak, suffering and rock bottom; to healing, brushing off and starting out fresh- in no particular order.

I'm finally at a place where i've started to find peace in these experiences, and i've realised that once you become comfortable with that, you become less shy with sharing them out.

And that's why this collection is titled 'For You'; because to whoever comes by this and decides to read it, if you can relate- to whatever extent, it's for you. I hope you find yourself in these words, get lost in these words, and enjoy these words, just as I did.

Thank you.


18. last one standing

hold yourself as waves do,

as tempests rage and

show the world 

your might, your wits, your brains.

don't let them crush you.

don't hide in the waves.

we will not be broken

by their words, their mistakes, their atrocities.

we are too busy soaking up 

the glories of our achievements-

you can't knock us off the top.

no need for words.

soothe the sorrows and

shush their distrust 

by showing them what we can do

by ourselves.

watch them wonder how

we are still standing-

the last ones standing.

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