The Haunted Rectory

Essex, England, 1936.

Brad Kendall, a British sceptic of ghosts, spends a week at Borley Rectory. When he attempts to find evidence of the paranormal, he puts his life on the line.


4. What happened at the Rectory-Essex, England, 1936


Brad scanned the haunted Rectory. He glanced nervously, as Elizabeth walked towards the Church where the croquet lawn was. He watched the a woman dressed in a red dress. She smiled at him. "I'm Alma Harrison. I know Elizabeth. Who are you?", she asked him. "Brad. I'm a sceptic; I don't believe in ghosts", he answered her. She nodded. "There's been a lot of mystery around Borley Rectory. Some are real; some aren't real; some are in-between", she said. Elizabeth sighed. "I hope that you aren't-". Alma smiled. "No. I am sure that a man of Brad's standing, isn't interested in me​", she said. Brad didn't want to have none of the women's fighting. "I'll be using a note book to write down everything". He then saw several ghost hunters driving a van. "That's no good", he said. And he sighed as the others gripped their cameras, and went to work inside Borley Rectory.


Brad stared inside the Rectory. The pathway towards the old Church. He saw an old lady attending the gardens. "Are you staying the night?", she asked him. "Yes, but I'm not with the ghost hunters. They're on their own. I'm Brad", he answered. "Gloria Sharp. My father told me about the Rectory in nineteen twenty. I was fifty at the time when the hauntings began". Brad nodded. He checked his watch. Then he vowed to stay overnight at Borley Rectory.


The summerhouse was a hive of activity. "The ghostly nun isn't there", Alfred said. He gripped his camera in his right hand. Thomas, a young ghost-hunter, saw the figure of a ghost boy watching him. "My God! It's a ghost", he said. Suddenly the temperature dropped to ten degrees.

And he fled the scary Rectory, and headed to the car.


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