The Haunted Rectory

Essex, England, 1936.

Brad Kendall, a British sceptic of ghosts, spends a week at Borley Rectory. When he attempts to find evidence of the paranormal, he puts his life on the line.


2. The Summerhouses-Essex, England, 1936




The summerhouse led to the grass lawn. 

Several chairs were in the middle of it.

"I was born in Essex. Borley Rectory's reputation for ghosts hadn't been on my mind until I lived here in nineteen-thirty. I was twenty years' old; I am now twenty-six", she said. Nearby there were croquet balls. Brad shivered from the cold. "I'm thirty. I saw a ghost when I was ten. In the intervening two decades, I was a sceptic in the paranormal", Brad said. Elizabeth nodded. "And now you think there is ​something here?", she asked him.

"I don't...", Brad answered.

And then he saw a little girl spirit watching them from the windows. "The summerhouse...go to the summerhouse", she said. Brad shivered, then he knew that he was afraid.

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