The Haunted Rectory

Essex, England, 1936.

Brad Kendall, a British sceptic of ghosts, spends a week at Borley Rectory. When he attempts to find evidence of the paranormal, he puts his life on the line.


1. The Rectory-Essex, England, 1936


Brad Kendall gazed at the woman. She smiled. "Do you want some more tea?", she asked him. "Yes, please. I'd like to stay here for a month. If there's ghosts here, I want to have evidence of the supernatural at Borley Rectory", he answered. The woman, Miss Marsh, nodded. "The Rectory has been vacated for a year. You're more than welcome to stay". Brad smiled. He finished drinking his tea. Then he walked around the spacious Dining Room, and explored the place where the spirits were seen.


Brad entered the dim hallway. Suddenly he saw a dark shadow of a little girl giggling at the top of the old stairs. "​Follow us to the Nun's Walk​", she said. She wore a nineteenth century dress...and was barefoot. Brad assumed she was five year's old. He grabbed onto his long, black, coat with his hands. The temperature was twenty degrees...and going downward every hour. He had read articles about 'cold spots' when he was on ghost hunts to haunted locations. Brad gripped his note book in his right hand. He begun to write. "​May 1, 1936. Five o'clock PM. I've seen a girl spirit on the top stairs. She is wearing clothes from the 19th century. She must've died young, as she walks along the house unimpeded...​". He shuddered with unnatural fear, then heard the door at the end creak open. He walked towards the door, and went inside.


The room was full of nineteenth century paintings that were on the grey walls of the Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull, and his family, in eighteen sixty-two. Brad shivered. As he looked at the Reverend. There was a calmness in the man. There wasn't anything troubling in his demeanour. Suddenly he saw the windows. He looked outside. Suddenly he saw a phantom carriage coming down the dusty road. Then, as he noticed the driver holding the black reigns with his hands, Brad screamed...and prayed to God that he would live throughout the evening.


"Are you okay, Sir?", a servant-girl asked. 

"Oh, yes. I was...seeing the phantom carriage", he answered her. She nodded. "I've heard about the legends of Borley Rectory, especially the Nun. I'm Elizabeth". He smiled at her. He looked at the paintings again. "I'm Brad. I'm a sceptic into paranormal phenomena", he told her. "I work for Lady Daniels. She has seen have I". Brad nodded. "I've heard about Harry Price. He was here in nineteen twenty-nine". Elizabeth nodded. "The Foyster family called him after there were ghosts around the Rectory. And there was the so-called 'wall writings' that caused excitement for investigators". Elizabeth shook her head. "Over the last five years, the Rectory is haunted by various ghosts. You're more then welcome to investigate all of the phenomena". Brad nodded. "The summerhouse is fascinating. Would you like to accompany me there, Elizabeth?", he asked her. "I'll be delighted", she answered him. And she smiled, as she opened the doors...and both of them walked towards the summerhouse together.

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