The Haunted Rectory

Essex, England, 1936.

Brad Kendall, a British sceptic of ghosts, spends a week at Borley Rectory. When he attempts to find evidence of the paranormal, he puts his life on the line.


3. The Nun's Walk-Essex, England, 1936


Brad left the eerie summerhouse. A cold, biting, wind blew in his face. Suddenly he saw Elizabeth gave him some English tea. "Thank you. The Nun's Walk is famous since the Rectory was originally a monastery back in the fourteenth century. A French nun died here after she was romantically linked with a monk. There's a lot of stories at Borley Rectory that haven't been discussed". Brad nodded. He drank the Iced Tea, then he saw a shadowy figure glide down the path. The ghost turned its head. And he screamed.

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