Where Nobody goes

Her name is Bexley Roads but when she was kidnapped her name was changed to Westlynn Brooks.She is dating Ryker Romero.Her mom and dad is: Braelynn and Liam Roads.Her “father” (the one who kidnapped her) is West Brooks.Her high school: Pennhurst High is actually an asylum.What do they look like? Shes a brunette with blueish purple eyes and is very pretty.

Who are their friends/family? Lynn, West, Braelynn, Liam

Where do they live? Pismo beach, Spring city

What do they believe? She believes Lynn was her mom and West is her dad.

What are they like?She’s very nice, pretty, smart, and can sing/ dance.

What do they want from life?She wants to be successful and wants to be with ryker for the rest of her life.

Defining past - what from their back story has left its mark on their personality.

Her “dad” has cared for her since he kidnapped her.She knows her “mom” lynn died giving birth to “westlynn” and has left her hurt but she has accepted it.


10. The truth Pt.2

What if i really wasnt my dads daughter.What if i really was kidnapped from the Roads family.I felt so upset, that my whole life could have been a lie!Kaden Comforted me cause he felt the pain that i was feeling right now. He never met his parents.

Which got me thinking that he never knew his mom had died.I told him the news and he said he had found out when he heard hospital workers talking about one of the cancer patients had her kid and she was to be brought here but wasnt at the hospital.That there was a mix up.I felt so bad.I apologized to him and told him i never got to know her either she died giving birth to me.The thing i didnt know is that she could have been the one with cancer.

I asked him the date but he didnt know cause he had been here for a while and he had no way of knowing which day it was.The doors opened it was a worker double checking as we hid behind a desk.She walked down the halls calling out "hello anybody here?"We ran out and locked the door.I drove kaden back to my house my dad wouldn't get off work till 7pm.

Yea i was stuck in that place for hours but it went by so quick because i had gotten to know Kaden.We got him all washed and cleaned up he had gotten fresh clothes and fed.My dad came home to ask who he was.I told him everything except about the poster.He said "Oh My we must find you a new school".

I asked him if kaden could stay and he said "of Course". He squinted to his first name.

West's P.O.V~

I felt like i knew who he was.I thought to myself could he really be kaden scott.I doubted it, it couldnt be he passed away after he was announced a primi who couldnt survive because of his lung.I thought i should let it go and i did till a few weeks passed and I got to know him.We had grown close and he had grown close to westlynn.Wherever she was kaden was bound to be with her.They were 2 pea's in a pod.


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