Where Nobody goes

Her name is Bexley Roads but when she was kidnapped her name was changed to Westlynn Brooks.She is dating Ryker Romero.Her mom and dad is: Braelynn and Liam Roads.Her “father” (the one who kidnapped her) is West Brooks.Her high school: Pennhurst High is actually an asylum.What do they look like? Shes a brunette with blueish purple eyes and is very pretty.

Who are their friends/family? Lynn, West, Braelynn, Liam

Where do they live? Pismo beach, Spring city

What do they believe? She believes Lynn was her mom and West is her dad.

What are they like?She’s very nice, pretty, smart, and can sing/ dance.

What do they want from life?She wants to be successful and wants to be with ryker for the rest of her life.

Defining past - what from their back story has left its mark on their personality.

Her “dad” has cared for her since he kidnapped her.She knows her “mom” lynn died giving birth to “westlynn” and has left her hurt but she has accepted it.


1. The Beginning

Meet Mr.Brooks.He was a man of many talents and was getting ready to start his own family with his pregnant wife Lynn. Lynn and Mr.Brooks (also know as west), were arguing on baby names for their little girl. West had ideas like Brinley, Adley, Emberley, and tinley. On the other hand, lynn was thinking of names like:Jaelyn,Melodie, brea ,and bex.

Lynn and West came to a conclusion on their daughter's name.They both decided to name her Westlynn.A few Months later Lynn was diagnosed with cancer.Doctors told them it was a 1% chance of the baby getting it and that lynn would survive. Lynn and West had hope.What the doctors didn’t tell them was that Lynn had stage 4 cancer a very severe case.

There wasn’t any doctors who understood this and they can’t treat her.Meaning their little baby girl Westlynn would die along with lynn.When Lynn’s due date rolled around she went into labor.Few hours later and Lynn and Westlynn were dead.West thought the labor was taking a while so he decided to run home real fast to grab a pillow and blanket.As he returned to the hospital the doctors covered up his wife's death and said that she died giving birth and the baby had died to.

West was so upset and depressed that he said he would never love again.Then a year later on the anniversary of their deaths he took a little girl.Each year he would take a little girl.He ended up going to an asylum in pennsylvania On his fifth year, he kidnapped a 3 year old girl named Bexley Roads.He saw how much she looked like lynn.He renamed her Westlynn Brooks.

Bexley was wandering around from her parents when West found her. Her parents searched everywhere for her.They lived in a small town in California named Avalon .West and Bexley have lived in cali for a few years not far from where she was kidnapped.Her parents once thought they saw her(which they did) but then she was just gone.They searched everyday never giving up hope to find their baby girl.

How could someone just take someone else’s bundle of joy? It was a horrible thing that happened that day.Brealynn (birth mom) and Liam (birth dad) never stopped to find young bexley.Even each year they would look all around cali to noticed “what if shes no longer here”?They cried only thinking of the worst.They hoped one day they would find bexley.

Mr.Brooks kept bexley for almost 16 years.Her birthday was coming up.Each year west suprised bexley with something new.Her 4th bday he got her a new microphone with a boombox.Her 5th birthday he got her a painters set with canva’s and so on.For her 14th birthday he got her an iphone 6s.

And her fifteenth birthday she got a iphone 8s.For her sixteenth birthday west was gonna have some friends keep her busy and away from the house for a while.That reason was so he could set up for her huge sweet sixteenth party.It was all her friends from her school, anyone she wanted or knew.He was gonna make sure it was the best moment of her life.She was his “daughter” after all.

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