Where Nobody goes

Her name is Bexley Roads but when she was kidnapped her name was changed to Westlynn Brooks.She is dating Ryker Romero.Her mom and dad is: Braelynn and Liam Roads.Her “father” (the one who kidnapped her) is West Brooks.Her high school: Pennhurst High is actually an asylum.What do they look like? Shes a brunette with blueish purple eyes and is very pretty.

Who are their friends/family? Lynn, West, Braelynn, Liam

Where do they live? Pismo beach, Spring city

What do they believe? She believes Lynn was her mom and West is her dad.

What are they like?She’s very nice, pretty, smart, and can sing/ dance.

What do they want from life?She wants to be successful and wants to be with ryker for the rest of her life.

Defining past - what from their back story has left its mark on their personality.

Her “dad” has cared for her since he kidnapped her.She knows her “mom” lynn died giving birth to “westlynn” and has left her hurt but she has accepted it.


8. Pennhurst high

Westlynn’s POV:

I hurried to get ready so I wasn’t late on my first day at Pennhurst High.I took like 3 hours to get ready.I started by hopping in the shower.I washed my hair and body and shaved my legs.Then i got dressed in a black vans t-shirt, with the brand pink leggings that said love on the side.I cleaned the locket ryker gave me and put it back on.

I threw on my black and white hi-top vans.I pulled out all my makeup.I started my concealing my face.I added face powder.Then I put on luminecent powder.I did a nice brown smoky eye shadow,did a winged eyeliner.

I did my eyebrows, and put on matte pink-red lipstick.I put on l’oreal highlight which by the way looked hella bomb.I was ready to go and I was ‘SLAYIN’.I hopped in the car and drove around looking for the school at first.I found the school finally.It didn’t look much like a school because it was like a scary private school and black and white colors.

Eeek I thought as I got shivers all the way down my spine.I still walked into to see that maybe I had the wrong address and someone could help me.I called down the hall like this “Hello anybody there I need help”.The doors slammed shut.It freaked me out so much I cried.I only had 15 percent left on my Phone which would barely leave me with an hour in this place.

I tried every where I could see for now to exit but it wouldn’t budge.I got chills like someone was watching me.Every where I went I felt like eyes were watching me.I sat down in a corner and cried to myself.Then I swear I heard a whisper.It replayed over and over again in my head.

It was like a living nightmare.I had no service, yet my phone rang over and over again.I looked at my phone to try to answer it, but it wasn’t my phone ringing.It came from a distance hallway darker than the place I was in.I looked around waiting for someone to pop out and jump scare me.Maybe thats all this was a simple ‘prank’.

After no one jumped out I got worried.I closed my eyes but i started seeing things.This freaked me out.I ran down the hall the same hall that I heard the phone ringing from.As I ran I got closer to the noise.Then I stopped.Someone had just WHISPERED to me?!?!?!?!?!?

I stopped for just a minute.Then I started to freak out.What was I going to do? It wasn’t like I could just up thought.It freaks me out to be somewhere all alone with nobody but myself, but in this case I wasn’t alone.

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