Where Nobody goes

Her name is Bexley Roads but when she was kidnapped her name was changed to Westlynn Brooks.She is dating Ryker Romero.Her mom and dad is: Braelynn and Liam Roads.Her “father” (the one who kidnapped her) is West Brooks.Her high school: Pennhurst High is actually an asylum.What do they look like? Shes a brunette with blueish purple eyes and is very pretty.

Who are their friends/family? Lynn, West, Braelynn, Liam

Where do they live? Pismo beach, Spring city

What do they believe? She believes Lynn was her mom and West is her dad.

What are they like?She’s very nice, pretty, smart, and can sing/ dance.

What do they want from life?She wants to be successful and wants to be with ryker for the rest of her life.

Defining past - what from their back story has left its mark on their personality.

Her “dad” has cared for her since he kidnapped her.She knows her “mom” lynn died giving birth to “westlynn” and has left her hurt but she has accepted it.


2. Diary Pt.1

Westlynn’s POV:

Dear Diary,

Hi diary I got this for my 13th birthday along with my new iphone 6s.I love dad so much.I wish mom could have been here.Ever since she died I cant help but think it’s my fault she died.She did die trying to keep me alive.

If I think about it if I was never born then she would still be alive.Dad told me not to think like that all the time.He always gets mad when I say those things.I’ve always felt something distant but close with my dad.He’s the best anyone could ask for.

So, anyways onto someone else.How about my mom?Well my dad has told me a lot about my mom.He says she was a beautiful young woman like me, and that she was smart, she could sing and dance and she was artistic.Which is everything I love to do.Ever since I was 3 years old.

Ryker got me the best gift ever.Ryker is my boyfriend.I like him a lot and he means everything to me.He can dance, he plays football, he smart and funny also intelligent.He makes me smile when im sad or when nobody else can.He lights up the room everytime he walks in.

So many girls want to date him but when they ask he just says sorry ladies im taken.It makes me so happy.Why do I like him?Well we first met at this mixed class in 7th grade/8th grade.He was an 8th grader and I was a 7th grader.I got lost and we bumped into each other, so he helped to the class I needed which was also the class he was in.

After knowing each other for like 3 months we started dating. We were at the food place with some other friends.He asked if he could talk to me somewhere else.So, we went outfront where it was quiet and dark but very beautiful under the night stars.He got on a knee and asked if I would be his girlfriend.Of course I said yes.

It was a very beautiful thing that happened that night.Everyday I saw him was an amazing moment.No matter what each day he would give me the same look that made him even more cuter.His eyes sparkled everytime they saw me.This always made my heart melt.Now we have been dating for almost a year.

Ryker makes me feel like the only girl in the world.The luckiest one too.Im so lucky to of met ryker that day.If I hadn’t i’d be just me feeling like something is missing.He tells me everyday he would of found me either way, just that he was lucky he ran into me sooner.Im glad I met ryker.

Anyways dear diary enough for this years edition.I will write in this each year on my birthday to fill you in.


Westlynn Brooks

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