Among the red cover

This story is about a young girl becomes a headstrong young queen and does whatever it takes to rule her kingdom her way. While male rulers try to destroy her.


2. What eyes see

My mom swung me in my room by my arm from the hall and shut the door. I stayed in silence. The door opened but it was my five servant girls. They all bowed in front of me. “Melady you have come clean you for the choosing ceremony.” One of the servants spoke. I nodded my head. They helped me take a bath and dressed me and did my hair. “You look wonderful lady Catia.” One of them spoke again. “Thank you very much.” I replied. They bowed then left the room. I sit on my bed waiting for a demand. The door opens and my dad walks in and shuts the door behind him. I put my hand on top of the other in my lap looking straight ahead not wanting to look at him. He sits on my bed beside me. “Actin up again, eh?” I stay quite. He moves his hand slowly on my lap. I hold tears back. I don’t want this to happen again... My room door opens again and startles my dad. My mom walked in fast and stopped in her tracks once she figured out what was happening. She stood there. “ Kings arranged to see Catia, no timer for horse playing.” My mom demanded. dad shook his head. My mom left closing the door back. Then my dad leaned over to my ear and whispered. “ we’re just getting started.” I let a single tear out still looking forward. He laughs while walking out my room. The door shuts. I wipe my tear and stand up. “i have to fight back” I say to myself. I breathe in and out then walk out my room into the throne room. “Welcome princess Catia of the Nisze Kingdom. Everyone bows as I want past towards my parents. We all three sit on our throne as each prince presented himself. I slouch in my throne chair hoping I see a servant, because I was famished. But then one boy caught my eye. I sat up in my chair and Looked into his brown eyes. He had fair skin and black hair to match. His face was so perfectly shaped. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. “How old is he?” My mother asked the prince’s father. “He’s only 15.” “wow great! He’s only a year before Catia.” The boy caught me staring at him and smirked. I could feel my cheeks turning red. Suddenly I was stuck on my hand. “Stop that! You’ll seem like a whore!” My mom whispered into my ear. “What?” “Stop blushing.” She sat back up. I rolled my eyes. Then I saw him walking out of the throne room alone. I squinted my eyes looking at him walking into the hallway. “May I be excused?” 



*(helllloooo I’m the author of this book my name is Mari. I hope you like the story so far! If so please like, comment, favorite, and share! What do you think will happen next???)*

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