Among the red cover

This story is about a young girl becomes a headstrong young queen and does whatever it takes to rule her kingdom her way. While male rulers try to destroy her.


1. Red

Present day


“Time travels past time and more time is lost. Time. Time. That’s all it’s about. Isn’t it? Everyone wishes they just had more time. But me... no I wish time would let me die before departing from my mothers wound.  life’s hard but that’s what you get for being born in a timeless kingdom with time.” -unknown 


10 years before


“Catia!” “Catia!” A woman dressed in Fine Fabric made of gold, And beige skin with slight wrinkles on her perfectly Crafted face. Soft yellow hair with strands of white. Known as my mother. She shouts my name once again looking in every horse stall because I ran into the barn to hide. “Catia! it’s no time to play, you need to get ready! your father is going to be very furious with you!” I come out of hiding from behind a haystack with my head facing towards the floor. She walks up to me firmly and strikes me across the face. “ you’re gonna to get a paddle across your backside if you do this again Catia!” She says squatting down to my level looking me in the eyes while firmly pointing her finger at me. I stay quiet with the same blank emotion. She grabbed me by my small wrist pulling me back towards the castle. For the past weeks kings from all Kingdoms have brung their sons to request a  arranged marriage so that there will be an alliance with our kingdoms. But Many Kings have changed their mind because of my ‘boyish manner’. It’s not like I want to be married to those up tight Little’s boys. I just want to be a queen who rules by her self. I want to be the first. I want to stand out like....................

like the color red. Like blood.


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