Among the red cover

This story is about a young girl becomes a headstrong young queen and does whatever it takes to rule her kingdom her way. While male rulers try to destroy her.


3. As we meet

“Fine, be quick.” My mother replied. I Quickly walk out of the throne room into the hall looking both directions trying to see which way he went. Then I saw heel of a boot turn a corner on the left. I ran down the hallway to try to catch up to him, i didn’t even think about what I was gonna say until I ran straight into him, bumping heads. I fall on the ground holding my forehead in pain. “ i’m so sorry you have to forgive me malady you Startled me.” He said pulling me up off the ground. “No no forgive me. I shouldn’t have ran down the hall. It’s just so boring to walk these long halls.” “Indeed.” “Look. you don’t have to act so proper, it’s just me.” I smile brightly after saying that. “It’s hard not to be proper to such a Beautiful woman like yourself.” He bows. I Chuckled. “Woman? Oh stop.”I replied. “ Catia!” I heard my mom yell. I peeked around the corner and saw her walking my way fast. “Oh no, I’m trouble now.” I say turning back towards him. The boy grabs my wrist and pulls me in a secret door covered by a painting and shuts it back quickly. “How did-“ “shh” he covers my mouth with his soft hand. I could hear my moms heels walking pass the door. He uncovered my mouth. “How did you find this place!?” “My uncle told me stories about this castle.” I was confused by how his uncle knew this castle my family line owned this castle for 28 generations so how could his uncle know this castle? “So what’s your name?” I ask. He laughs. “What’s so funny?” I got offended. “ you must’ve been staring so hard you didn’t hear me say my name.” I folded my arms. “Staring? And what would be so interesting that I needed to stare?” “ You tell me lady Catia.” We both smiled at each other. “It’s Nicholas” “Nicholas..” I replayed that name over and over in my head. “Well thank you Nicholas for hiding me from the ‘dragon lady’.” We both laughed. “Your very much welcome.” He bowed opening the secret door back up. We both walked out and he shut the door back. “I think it’s best if we aren’t seen together.” Nicholas said looking at both ends of the halls. “Yea, see you soon?” I say. “If your parents want me to be king.” My heart sunk. I was back to reality. What if I don’t see him again? What if I’m forced to marry someone else? We both walk in the opposite direction of each other without saying another word. I stop in my tracks and turn around to say something but he was already gone. 

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