A Friendship from Japan

Mature Content.
I met a nice guy at the gym. He’s cute, fun to talk to and from Japan. This may turn into something more. We will see.
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2. Part 2 – One More Night Together

 I work-out at a gym sometimes, the one my brother has a membership with. He lets me use his pass now and then. I just go there to keep my tummy tight. That’s where I first met “Toru”, he’s a super friendly and fun to talk to guy from Japan. He’s a super good-looking dude too. I had even helped him wait for his new refrigerator to show-up one day and had a great time.

 I was again back at the gym and there’s Toru, he’s down at the far end of the work-out room. So, I walked down there and said; “Hey, mister! Long time no-see.” He looks up at me with no smile and just said; “Hi Jon” Something was for-sure wrong! He just went back doing his sit-ups. “Something Wrong, Toru?” I said. He then just looks up at me again and said nothing. So, I said; “I’m really sorry man! Did I do or say something wrong?” He does a few more sit-ups and then stood up. “Jon you said you’d call me last week and you never did!” As he said this, I could see the tears starting in his eyes. He was really upset!

 “Honest man, I was waiting and hoping for you to call me, man! I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, but figured you maybe didn’t like me much.” He then smiled at me a little and even more tears came out and he said; “Damn Jon, I’ve been waiting for you to call me all week! Just hoping and hoping.” I smiled at him and just put my arm around him. (I wanted to kiss him too but, there were a few other guys there) “Lets go man, you can shower up at my place… Honest, it’s all right.” I said. With my arm still on his shoulders and him wiping the tears from his eyes, we headed out.

 He had no car there so, we both jumped into my pick-up and started toward my place. It took us around half hour or-so to get home.  As we traveled we talked a lot and Toru started feeling better. We talked about my place and how it’s not as nice as his modern apartment but, he still wanted to see it. When we got there, we jumped out and stopped at my front door, he looked me in the eyes and told me he had some bad new to tell me. I just said; “Tell me later, lets have a beer or something first.”

 We went on in and I asked if he wanted something. He just said; “Sure Jon, whatever your having.” I had just got some tea-bags just for him so, I started on that, as he looked around my place. We then sat in the kitchen waiting for the hot water and us barely saying anything. I knew then something was for sure wrong. “What’s this bad new you have Toru?” I said, as we had some of the tea. “Jon… Lets take a shower, I’m still all sweaty.” He said, as he got undressed looking me in the face.

 We headed into the bathroom and I turned on the shower. I then looked up and there was Toru, all stripped down and half hard already, but still no smile. I got undressed and the two of us got into the shower together. Toru just stood there, as I slowly soaped him and myself up. Then with shampoo in my hands, I looked him in the eyes, lifted up my arms and worked it into his hair. He gave me a small smile and started licking one of my armpits, he worked down to my nipple’s and then knelt down and took my hard-cock in his mouth. With my hands still working on his hair, I pulled him off my cock, rinsed his hair and let him get right back onto my cock. I then soon lost it in his mouth but, it did take few minutes longer, with me thinking about what he wanted to tell me.

 He then stood up and kissed me. I then smiled at him, turned around and bent over. Neither of us saying anything, he soaped up his hard cock and slowly inserted it into me. As he held my hips, he pushed and pulled and then after a few minutes he again yelled out in Japanese, some words with my name mixed in. 😉 It was all just awesome! He slowly pulled himself out and then slapped me in the rear-end. “Thanks Jon.” After him saying that, I stood up and we had a long kiss, with the warm water pouring down between us. Both our cocks still dripping cum.

 Later we had dinner and just talked some. Me still worried about what he wanted to tell me, that night we went to bed together and mainly just kissed. We held hands some and looked one another in the eyes, still without saying anything. Then soon us both falling asleep. Early in the next morning, with the sun shining in on us, we 69’ed it on my queen-sized bed. (Something I do enjoy) We sucked one another with a nice rhythm and almost came at the same time. We cuddled up afterwards, with the sun still shining in on us, we again just looked at one another in the eyes.

 Us sitting in my kitchen later that morning, still just in our underwear and me starting some breakfast. Toru then finally came out and told me how, now that his training is done here, they found a place for him in Washington State for work. He began to cry some again and then told me how he’s leaving next week. He then told me how he’s got kind of hooked on me. I began to cry myself a little too, after hearing that. I told him then, how I try not to get hooked on any of the guys I meet but, he’s been a real special one to me.

 We spent the rest of weekend at my place. Most of that Sunday we spent in my bed, just talking and cuddling. Then later that night, he wakes me, him crying again. I just hugged him and told him how we can maybe somehow get together again someday. I could really tell then how much that guy likes me or maybe-even loves me. It was all really rough on both of us. Love can sometimes hurt, as they say.

 End of Part 2    

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