A Friendship from Japan

Mature Content.
I met a nice guy at the gym. He’s cute, fun to talk to and from Japan. This may turn into something more. We will see.
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1. Part 1 - We Meet at the Gym


 I work-out at a gym that my brother has a membership with and he lets me use his pass now and then. I just go to keep my tummy and/or six-pack tight. (It gets better all the time). 

 One Wednesday night I was pretty much the only one there, when a very good look’n oriental type guy comes in and starts work’n out on the other end of the room. I smiled and nodded at him. He then came down by me and we bullshitted a while. Said his name is “Toru”, he’s from Japan and he’s been in the US for about month. He got a good job but misses his family and friends. I ask about his job and about the workout he’s doing. He said he’s trying to build more muscle because he’s so skinny. I sort of laugh and said how good he looks now. He just giggles. We then talked about our abs, chest and other stuff. He was kind of fun guy to talk to. (He speaks a better english than I do!)

 I then said how it’s getting late and that I should head out and how fun it was to meet him. I headed to the shower. While I’m in there washing my hair, I rinsed it off, looked up and there he was, just standing there naked and staring at me! I just said, “Hey, is everything alright”? He just asks how to work the shower handle. I showed him how and then I got kind of worried, I was going to get hard-on just looking at this guy. His abs, chest and good look’n face! (It was like some old porn movie)

 Oh well, as I got rinsed off I tried not to look his way but when I did, I see he’s standing there washing himself and looking at me. He doesn’t say anything and I feel it’s maybe time to go. (I can get hard-on about 10 sec.) I tell him goodbye and maybe I’ll see him next Wednesday. He said goodbye and then I headed out. 

 I admit, I did think about him the rest of that night and did wish it had turned into a porn movie. The next day my hopes came true, he calls! Believe it or not he got my brothers number from the gym people and my brother gave him my number. He said, he was sorry if he was bothering me but, he did enjoy talking to me and wonders if we can get together again. I said; “Sure I’d like that, where should meet up?” He tells me he needs to stay home that afternoon, do to his new refrigerator is do to show up. “Why don’t you come over and help me wait”. He said. 

 So, later on I go over to his apt. He lets me in, it’s a real nice place but has no furniture, just a king size mattress on floor, a fireplace, a box or two and that’s about it. We wait for the refrigerator by standing around in kitchen bullshitting and having some of the beer that I brought along.

 Then he says, “We can make a fire!” So, we got one going and sat on the floor next to one another in front of it, as we just sit there and watching it burn and saying nothing. He then puts his arm around me, I look at him, and he’s got big smile on his face. So, then I put my hand on leg and slowly rub it up & down. He takes my hand and sets on his crotch. There was something under those sweatpants and it’s hard as a rock! And then…!

 Then the doorbell rings! It’s the refrigerator men. He jumps up and has to adjust his sweatpants (if you know what I mean) then runs to the door and lets them in. I just sat there on the end of his mattress, watching the workers move the refrigerator in. I mostly just watched good look’n Toru and got even more horny! They finished up, he said goodbye and they left. 

 He then looked at me and with a big smile said; “Now what can we do?” I then said straight out; “I was getting kind of comfortable with you by the fire” He smiles again, grabs a beer or two from the cooler and comes and sits on the end of the mattress with me.

 Without saying anything we popped the beers open, had some and just looked at one another. We then both lay back on the mattress and had a long kiss, I’m now stroking his hard-on in his sweatpants and him mine. I then stick a finger in his sweatpants, pull them open, put my other hand in and I can feel his rock-hard cock. It was already wet with precum and he had it shaved clean. I just said “Can I take care of this for you?”

 He just smiles and shakes his head. I then pull his sweatpants down and I “get down” on his nice hard cock. He was all shaved clean down there, and was it fuck’en sexy! It made me want to lick every bit of him! While I’m doing that he pulls his shirt off and runs his fingers in my hair. This next part was kind of funny! Now with his cock in my mouth and me going faster and faster, he starts yelling out something in Japanese! I started laughing, which is hard to do with a guy’s cock in your mouth! He lost it then and I sucked him dry. Then he just kept thanking me.

 He then asked what I’d like, for him to give me a blowjob or for him to let me put it up his ass. I said, “Just give me the same as I gave you” (He looked disappointed but we did just meet) He did a nice job on me! Licked my balls, my abs, my nipples and suck my cock in and out as deep as he could. I then lost it too. We both lay back, just holding hands, not saying anything.

 We did get together a few more times, even-though his new job made him move again. I’ll maybe write about those other times, someday.

 End of Part 1

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