Yugioh Ventsemel

This is a yugioh story so I hope you enjoy.


1. Chapter 1 My First Duel

One day I wake up and my little brother Bryndly says Mason your going to be late for school. I said hold on let me get my stuff. I grab my hat and my yugioh deck and I run across the street to school. Then I see my friend Alex I asked Alex if we could duel with deck he made me. Alex said shur why not. I said let me get my deck, and I pulled it out of the camera pouch I kept it in, and Alex took out his Dinosaur deck. I said lets duel. I said you can go first. Alex said ok and Alex said I draw and he drew his card and his card started to glow it spun out of his hand and huverd there. I said how is this possible its just a card from a TV show how can this happen.  The card said you are chosen. Pick up your decks. Alex and I picked up our decks and they started to glow. Both our decks came apart and huverd around our arm and then they came together. Alex's Made a dinosaur looking duel disk that is the one in the pic up there. Then his deck went into his deck slot. I said hey thats a real duel disk. Alex said I know its awesome.

I said hope mine looks cool.

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