The Guy Who...

"What? You know him! I know you're new but you have to know him!" she gave a pointed look at a guy who threw his head back and laughed. He didn't notice us though.
The laugh looked forced, but it fooled everybody.
"He's the guy who took our football team to the states finals." at my blank stare, she exhaled through her nose sharply. "The guy who helped Mrs. Rudy go to the hospital."
Sounded familiar, but I shrugged.
"He's the guy who lost his little brother in a motorcycle accident." As my eyes widened in recognition, she laughed a hard laugh. "It's funny; nobody remembers him like the hero he was. They just remember him as the guy who lost his little brother."
(Author's Note: Based on true events.)


2. Evan Wright

​         I rub my forehead, pushing my big black glasses on my head. This project is going to be the end of me. I think those words jokingly, but I wince on the outside. Still too soon.

​        Pushing myself away from the computer, the wheels on the chair catch on a piece of carpet, and it tips over. I fall, body first on the floor, and I groan.

​       "That looked like it hurt like a bitch." a voice says teasingly. I quickly pick myself up, ignoring the slight wheeze I have.

​         Emma Rhine walks in, holding three thick textbooks in her small arms. She's about 4'6, 4'7, but her brain makes up for her small height. She's the only other person I know that has two free periods instead of one. Wild curly black hair is pinned in a ponytail, a few stray curls curling behind her ears. Her clothes even spell out genius; a cashmere short sleeved shirt with dark jeans and ballet flats.

​        "I'm glad it was only you that saw that." I say, searching for my glasses on the floor. She walks to the table in the middle of the computer room, and pulls a chair.

​        "So, how's that short film coming along? It's due in like..." she glances at her watch, "three months." she finishes.

​          Did I forget to mention she's also a smart ass?

​         "I know, but basketball season is over, and I've dropped football, and track, so apparently I have a lot of free time." I answer back, grabbing the chair from the floor and sitting myself back in front of the computer.

         It's quiet for a minute. 

​         I'm trying to figure out what the subject of my animation film is going to be, when Emma pulls her glasses off, and rubs the middle of her nose. Her green eyes shift to my blue eyes, and I raise an eyebrow.

​       "I'm sorry, I'm just nervous. Tomorrow, there's going to be a new student. She's going to take..." she trails off for a minute but I can easily fill up the blanks, "and apparently, she's been through hell."

​         That gets my attention; I spin from the computer, and wheel myself closer to Emma. Seeing that she has my full attention, Emma puts her glasses back on, and rubs her hands together.

​         "This girl-Leslie?-can talk. It's just...she won't. She hasn't talked in the last four, or five years. And she's living with her aunt and cousins, instead of her parents."

          A part of me, maybe like half, is kinda annoyed at Emma. How could she look up a person that she hasn't even met ​and make such assumptions? A guy like me could understand that everything you really want, is to just disappear in the crowd and never have the light on you.

​         But the other half of me is slightly relieved; after everything that has happened in the last two years, the light will go on Leslie. I know it's selfish thinking, but everybody deserves a break.

​         Before I can stop myself, I look at Emma.

​       "Who's her cousin?"

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