After waking up from a long period of time. The protagonist must figure out what has happened to his world and possibly how to understand and fix the issue.


1. Prologue

I felt my eyes open. My body creaked with each jitter of movement. My muscles were sore and with each jitter they pulsed in pain.

What happened? I thought. Where am I?

The last thing I remember was standing somewhere and watching a bright light. I couldn’t recall much beyond that. I hadn’t even realized the whole world around me. I was surrounded by distinct architecture. It was like something in ancient Greece.

I stood up from the ground and wiped the dirt from myself. Everything around me was broken or crumbling to the ground. My mind was shaking and I couldn’t distinguish what direction I was looking. Whenever I looked up the ground appeared and whenever I looked down the sky appeared.

What is happening? I thought.

A flood of memories conjoined into my mind. I felt my body surge with a strange but addicting energy. My veins glowed with a strange light.

I rubbed my eyes and then finally decided to move. My head began to hurt in a pain I’ve grown accustomed to. Something about it was nostalgic almost.

An image flashed in my head, a city. I remembered a constant rain that seemed to never stop no matter what. I remembered a pier with water that was deeper than the pits of hell and darker than my own soul.

I shook my head and saw an enormous shadow appear in the sky. It took the shape of a whale. A whale so grand that it seemed it could destroy earth if it conjoined together. I felt a force pull me forward to the ground. A large pulse of energy emanated from the giant whale in the sky. Distant screams filled the air.

Humanity? I thought.

I quickly stood up and turned from the Greek structures and towards the horizon.

I heard a voice louder than a gunshot. It rung in my ears and nearly deafened me. The ground shook and crumbled the Greek structures behind me.

“You live?” The Whale spoke.

I assumed he was speaking to me. I don’t know if I was going crazy or not. I kept walking towards the horizon until a screech that pierced the heavens blurted out.

I looked up at the Whale and it was getting closer and closer by the second. I could now understand how large it truly was and I was mortified. My heartbeat, something I forgot I had, was now racing. My chest hurt and my heart was growing tired.

The Whale did not stop as it collided with the ground thousand miles ahead of me. It was so gigantic that I could only see a portion of the lip from where I was standing.

“You are a demon are you not?” The Whale was talking to me.

I couldn’t respond. My voice had not been heard for a long time. I only shrugged my shoulders. I did not hear of me being a demon or anything related to one. I only just awoke from what could be assumed death.

The Whale snorted. I did not even know they could do such an action. “You have escaped the Cursed City and even destroyed Purgatory itself.”

Did I? I thought.

“Do you mean to tell God you do not know of such actions.” The Whale grunted with force.

I fell to the ground in fear, a feeling I had not known I could contain.

“I shall show you.” The Whale jumped into the sky in a second and I was taken with him. The ground got smaller and smaller until I was outside of the atmosphere. I hovered in air until I felt a platform underneath my feet. The Whale floated in front of me.

I could see the whole solar system in front of me.

I felt another surge of memories invade my mind.

The Darkness. The City. The Forest. Zero. Desolation. Chloe.

It all stopped at once.

“You do remember.” The Whale said.

A final surge of memories pierced my mind.

Deep emotion. Undertone. Exoneration. The Whale. Bradley. Kren. Termination. The Nuke.

It was all coming back to me. I didn’t know I was considered a demon.

My brain hurt. My body ached. My mentality failed. My morals lost. My existence questionable.

“Demons do not believe in existing.” The Whale screamed.

The platform below me disappeared leaving me to freefall. I felt the air push against my skin, cutting away at my flesh.

I couldn’t stop it. I tried to believe I wasn’t going to crash on the earth and die again.

The ground got closer and closer until it was only a couple feet away from me. Everything went black.

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