After waking up from a long period of time. The protagonist must figure out what has happened to his world and possibly how to understand and fix the issue.


3. Destitution

I burst through the widow and fell two stories into a dumpster. It reeked of decades-old trash and failure.

I climbed out of the dumpster as Darkness left the window I jumped out of. It was being released into the air and atmosphere.

“So selfish.” Darkness said.

I stopped moving.

The Darkness turned to surround me. In a moment I was completely engulfed in Darkness. I couldn’t see or feel anything around me. I was deafened by the speeding winds of the Darkness.

My mind was then plagued by sadness and depression. I could feel my entire system becoming cold, my blood, organs, eyeballs, and my soul.

Before I knew it, I was already being transported somewhere.

“You cannot color my world!” Darkness informed.

I felt the presence of Darkness around me. I started to run out of the alleyway to the brick wall that contained the colorful world.

“Ha! You cannot escape me!” It said.

I was consumed by the Darkness. I blacked out into a deep and depressing room. I felt worse than I have ever before and now it was my probable end.

I felt my head spinning in circles. My mind was broken. My body was heavy. My mentality was failing. I was falling prone to the Darkness like I did once before. The only difference is that I allowed it to this time.

“You do not fight?” Darkness asked.

I shook my head. I fell to the ground and the Darkness lit up into a fiery void. It was the only color I saw and it was short lived. The fiery void burned my skin and charred my mind. I could only feel ashes amongst my body.

My skin was no longer burned but still stung as if. I felt warmth inside of the room. The Darkness left. I stood up from the floor.

Why has he left? I thought.

I felt a memory forming inside of my head. A couple of faces flashed.

“Son. You’re special. You were born to do great things.” My father said to me.

“Will I?” I asked.

“Of course son. You will do greater things than the President.” He continued.

I gripped my head as it seemed to wield a sharp pain that wouldn’t leave. As each beat of my heart occurred I felt another pain striking my skull eventually leading to my heart itself.

I leaned up against the wall and held myself.

I didn’t care much for my parents then, so why am I thinking of them now? None of this makes sense to me. I thought.

I noticed that I was back in the City. I was on the pier now. I don’t know how I got here and don’t care.

I wonder. I thought as I went to the edge of the pier. I leaned over the railing. The pale and black abyss of what once was a colorful blue liquid glanced back at me. I felt broken. Countless times I believed that I would be a savior to this world and make it colorful again.

I began to cry.

Inside of the ocean I caught a reflection of myself. Tears fell down my cheek and into the ocean. I saw the devil in my eyes once again. I felt like I was the person who caused all of this. I was now understanding that I caused all of this. My emotions ran wild with more realistic dreams.

They weren’t just dreams to me. They were stories. Like words written in a book or a melody in a song. My life was not making any more sense.

I remember that I went home after looking at the ocean. Instead of that though, I think I’ll ride the Ferris wheel.

I went to the Ferris wheel and got on one of the carts. Upon sitting down, the door closed and the whole thing started to move. Within moments I began to ascend into the air.

I remember when I used to come here and look at the Ferris wheel. I never liked the idea of going on the ride because I hated height. Now I could care less. The height seems to calm me down more than anything due to the absence of my fear.

The wheel stopped at the very top and shook my cart. I stood up and leaned on the railing. I glanced down at the ocean and saw a movement. Something was moving within the water but I couldn’t make out what it was.

A loud screech shook the water and the whole Ferris wheel. I saw a pair enormous of horns hover above the surface of the water, and then two glowing dots.

I looked around for a way to move the cart down. I felt powerless.

Am I finally going to die? I thought.

A bull’s head rose from the ocean. It was the size of a battleship. Then the body rose from the ocean as he snorted towards the pier.

I felt like the bull might not do anything, but I could be lying to myself.

I could see the water move back and forwards. I think the bull was charging up. I panicked and looked around for an emergency switch. I couldn’t find one however.

The bull let out a roar to the heavens before charging towards the pier. It buried its head under the water and thrust up and under the pier. The horns broke through the wooden planks and lifted the entire pier.

As each board broke I felt a piece of my will to live drop in scale. I didn’t want to find a way around all of it.

The Ferris wheel shook and fell over. I was holding onto one of the seats for my life. It crashed against the ground and bent the entire structure like a lopsided pancake. I slammed my head against the ground and fell unconscious.

When I woke up there was nothing around me. I was just lying on a pillar in the middle of the ocean. It was just pure darkness around me. I couldn’t tell if the sky were the ocean or if the ocean were the sky. They were too parallel.

I heard another roar like the one before the giant bull charged at the pier.

I looked around me but couldn’t see anything. Nothing happened. Just a roar was let out to scare me.

A multitude of different eye sizes and shapes formed all around me in 360 degrees. Some seemed angry, some happy, some confused, but there was one that stood out to me. One pair of eyes looked at me softly.

Are you. . ? I thought.

I shook my head and suddenly every pair of eyes disappeared except for those soft eyes. They pierced my soul and cleansed me. I felt a surge that made my lips curl into a smile. My heart was racing.

This feels wrong. I thought.

I turned away in disapproval. I was somewhat forced to gaze back into the abyss before me. I didn’t want to look at the darkness in front of me.

“uoy era desufnoc?” The eyes asked me.

I didn’t understand what it was saying. The words were playing backwards like a recording put in reverse.

“I ma ton na ymene ot uoy.” The eyes said.

I still couldn’t understand what it was saying. I stared blankly at the pair of eyes wondering if it understood my personal confusion.

I turned from the pair of eyes already knowing it would be worthless. The pair of eyes followed me nonetheless.

Follow me all you’d like; I won’t fall for it. I thought.

I went to the edge of the platform still in the middle of the ocean. I glanced down into the abyss and leaned forward. I fell into the abyss and felt a cold energy spiraling around me.

I could hear a muffled and distant gasp as if someone were surprised.

My eyes closed for a minute before I no longer felt a cold energy around me. I was now inside of a home filled with candles that not only warmed the house, but my heart as well.

“uoy era emoclew ereh.” A woman said to me.

I am welcome here? I thought.

I understood what she said, but I had no idea how I began to possess that ability. She spoke so kindly that I felt tears run down my cheeks. My broken and desolate heart was moving in a way that felt foreign to me.

I got up from the floor and looked outside of the window. I saw a glimmer of hope. I saw the sky lit up in an orange-red color like never before. My eyes were drawn close.

“ouy ekil?” She asked.

I nodded.

The only theory I could come up with is that this woman is giving me the color I’ve always wanted to sprout. She was so kind and giving that I couldn’t sit back and let her do all of the work.

I tried to speak. I could only let out soft grunts and noises but I could not form words. I wanted to thank her for giving me this gift but I just couldn’t. There was no way I could.

“Roloc si tahw uoy rea gnikool rof thgir?” She asked.

I nodded.

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