After waking up from a long period of time. The protagonist must figure out what has happened to his world and possibly how to understand and fix the issue.


4. Ascension

I pulled the coat around my torso and slid down a garbage chute. I landed inside of a basement filled with different machines. It was a wonderland of gears and mechanisms.

I found myself searching through one of them in order to find some sort of device. I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for but it was something that the woman wanted me to find. Apparently she’s too scared to do it so I volunteered.

Inside the machine I was looking in there was a metal clank. I felt around until the bottom of the machine fell down along with a suitcase. The suitcase was lined with a sludge that covered the latch.

Slightly disturbing. I thought.

I grabbed the handle and searched around for a staircase or ladder. I had to swim through a mixture of scrap metal and that sludge from the suitcase.

Before even starting to swim I looked around once more and found a window above one of the shelves. I picked up a bolt and threw it at the window, shattering it completely.

I quickly climbed the shelf and then through the window. The ran cleaned the suitcase allowing me to unlock it. I wasn’t supposed to however.


“uoy thguorb ti kcab!” She squealed in excitement.

I put the suitcase down on the table. The woman cut in front of me and unlocked the case. She dramatically opened the box. Inside was a canteen. It was a strange one that seemed to emit an aura of pure darkness I hadn’t seen before. This darkness seemed to turn anything into a flat surface almost.

“This is what we need.” She spoke normally.

My head spun in circles.

My body bubbled and spat out a source of evil until I blinked, then it was all gone.

We stared blankly at the canteen until she grabbed the cap and pulled it open. Within moments a huge shockwave of paint and color filled the world. The walls turned light brown, the floor was a dark brown wood, the window was lined white. I saw everything.

I nearly bawled my eyes out. Like a large release of weight from my shoulders just suddenly disappeared.

I did it? I might have actually done it. I jumped in excitement. Within moments I couldn’t hear the screams anymore. I could only hear the silence of the wind.

The woman hugged me tightly. To me I felt the cries of my soul purge and beats of my heart rise.

“Forgetting something?” Inside of my stomach was a cold feeling that ran around my organs.

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