After waking up from a long period of time. The protagonist must figure out what has happened to his world and possibly how to understand and fix the issue.


2. Anamnesis

I didn’t strike the ground. I only fell through it. Somehow I was inside of a pitch black room on a bed. I could see a distant shadow on the ceiling. There was a sound of pattering on the window.

I got up from the bed and felt the humid air. I didn’t want to believe it. I was back in my home.

Was everything a dream? I thought. No. It was all real.

I left my room and went into the living room. My parents were where they’ve always been. Their corpses were no longer full of organs or covered with skin. They have been reduced to skeletons.

I was somewhat disgusted but mainly curious. I don’t know how long I have been gone not only from this city but just life in general. I was practically made of stone when I awoke.

I saw color start to flood in the world, the green trees and grass. The gray buildings and yellow warning tape, the red bloodstains on my shirt and the bright sun. It was amazing, the entire world was finally being defined by its color.

Tears ran down my face as happiness finally hit me. The color of my skin stared blankly at me.

I felt a heavy gush of wind push in my direction, and a flash in the world. I heavy thud broke the sound barrier. A giant cloud of smoke rushed into the sky.

My hand shattered, and then my legs. My body froze and fell over, cracking in the process.

“I’m alive.” I managed to speak clearly. “It was worth it.”

I slowly shattered, my torso, my arms, and eventually my neck. The last thing I could see were the memories of my parents.

I blinked a couple of times with my rapid heartbeat slowly calm down. My memories were now much clearer than I would’ve thought. I remember how it all ended, but can’t understand how I began again.

Something was wrong. I managed to cleanse this world from its pain and agony and yet it continuously stays colorless and dark.

Is the Darkness back? I thought.

“No.” The Whale’s grunts were heard.

I left my home and looked towards the sky.

“I put you back home for a reason. Not to recollect on your actions but to find the beginning of it all.” The Whale said.

I thought back to the beginning.

I flew up in the air riding the winds and clouds. The ecstasy flows through my veins. I felt alive and important. The overwhelming feeling of adrenaline pumped and pushed me through greater heights. The soft and cold rain slid off of my face and down my body.

“That’s not the memory I was referring to.” The Whale grunted.

The girl and the forest. I remember now.

I kept running and running until I came across a wall. The darkness crept up closer to me. Without thought I ran into and through the wall. I felt uneasy and dizzy. I reoriented myself and noticed the vast landscape that was not my home.

This place was a forest with little color. I felt a deepening difference in my emotions. I felt a little happy. But still I was filled with the sadness that wouldn’t go away. I never felt a happiness that stayed. Only short bursts of adrenaline that pumped small happiness, slowly, into my emotions. This did not and I feel like this would be the end of me.

I couldn’t think much further. My head hurt and pulsed with a continuous pain that offered me a reason to bang it on the floor.

I remember where the wall was but the problem about it was why. I don’t think I’ll ever know the intentions of this mysterious sky Whale.

I left my house and began my journey. I saw the people called The Runners again. They were still trying to give glimmer of hope to the suicidal. Unfortunately, the bloodbath was not going to end.

I found the alleyway which hosted the wall in question. It was just an ordinary brick wall. The last I saw it there was a portal of some sort that allowed me to pass through.

I walked up to the wall and placed my hand on the surface. I couldn’t feel the texture and so I pushed further and fell through the wall.

I turned around but nothing was behind me. I was alone in this slightly colored forest. I couldn’t see the Whale as the roof of the forest was too dense. I glanced around but couldn’t find some sort of exit. I was probably too deep into the forest to know where to go.

A distant explosion shook the ground beneath me. The trees were pushed in one direction so I went in the other. If there were an explosion, then I could find some sort of civilization.

I found peace in the violence. I’ve been fighting for too long and yet I still hear silence. I don’t know how long I will be forced to fight but if it means that I could end up saving everyone then I might try.

I walked, but then my walk turned to a jog, which then turned to a run. I ran through the forest in hopes of finding something.

I ran for a couple of hours until I finally saw a dozen trees fallen over. There was a giant fish sitting in the middle of the trees. I was so confused that I got close enough to the fish to look up and see the sky. There were hundreds of shadows above the clouds. Each took shape of some sort of water animal.

Everything about it was so confusing to me. Why were so many of these marine animals falling from the sky? I moved around him to the other side and found a gas station. It was broken down and yet somehow still used.

I slowly walked towards the gas station until I realized something. There were people inside. I hadn’t seen a person in quite the while so I was more than afraid.

I glanced behind me and the fish was gone. When I turned back to the gas station there were two men standing in front of me. They wielded handguns to their temple with an itchy trigger finger. I was afraid of the possibility of them turning the guns on me.

I looked around for a second before I looked back at the men. They had grizzly smiles that seemed to run from one face to the next. In a flash they shot themselves. Their bodies slammed against the ground leaving a shivering echo.

Before me lie two corpses that still held their smiles. Their faces flashed resembling Chloe and Zero.

I fell to the ground, scared, and confused.

“Things are not meant to be this way?” Zero said.

I stood up and looked around in a panic. I couldn’t tell if he were real or not. I held my ears to try and deafen his voice until he said, “I am not real.”

I ran towards the gas station and fell on the hard asphalt. When I hit the ground I fell through it and into a room. The room was decorated with many things resembling a dark essence. I could feel a soul inhabiting the room. It was definitely a cold and chilling soul.

I reached for the door but couldn’t turn the knob. It was welded shut or was locked from the other side. I turned from the door and saw a shadow standing before me. It was a dark fog that took the shape of me and followed my movements.

I reached out for the dark fog. It grabbed my forearm and threw me to the ground. It jumped on top of me and threw itself into my throat. I felt a cool air throughout my insides.

I coughed and gagged until vomiting on the floor. My vomit wasn’t even liquid. It was the dark fog that soon settled onto the floor in the shape of a smiley face with the eyes as crosses.

“I’m back.” A familiar voice said.

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