Blue willows

Blue willows is the new girl at school. She’s born a trouble maker and as soon as she gets there she befriends, Poppy. Poppy is in a gang and they become best friends. When Blue catches the eye of the leader, Harvey, her whole life is thrown into chaos.
#gang #onedirection #1D #romance #fanfic #sex #justinbieber #jb #love #guns #drugs #leader #life


8. New chapter

Poppy’s POV:

“Poppy please listen to me!” Alex shouts through the door.

“Go the duck away!” I shout at him. He bangs on the door and starts shouting. I hear Tyler race down and pull Alex away. Blue stands in the doorway smiling weakly at me.

“What happened Pops?” She asks as she walks over to me giving me a tight hug.

“He came in and apologies and then called me a bitch when I was still a bit grouchy with him. He’s an actual toss pot!” My voice is shaken as I fight the tears.

“Oh poppy” Blue says sympathetically.

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