After finding his portion of peace and contentment, the kid finds himself back in the nightmare he desperately tried to leave behind. He can only think of one thing to do. . .destroy the home he lives in.


4. Undertone

I stepped into the world I really understood. The constant rain upon my face brought more emotion than the decaying bodies of my parents. I felt alive with the darkness and despair of this world.

The last one I was in, or visited, felt more violent and angry. My parents were gentle people; I think I see a connection here.

I began to walk down the street. I found the alleyway where I saw the colored world, and that girl. I figured that I would see The Darkness around here, but oddly enough he wasn’t. I wondered what happened to Zero.


Why doesn’t he just die already? What is he made of?

I was beginning to get consumed by the darkness.

I stabbed him so many times too! I don’t understand how he could survive so many stabs to the back.

“You…you stay away from me!” I yelled at it.

“Don’t escape your end. Never deny the destiny you told.” The darkness told me.


Like that, my world was taken from me. A mute freak took my life away, all that I had built; all that I have done for that world is gone!

When I came to, I was impaled. It was a dark room, the smell of blood. I heard someone speaking.

It has been a couple of hours, or maybe days. I can’t tell anymore. I can’t move, or even breathe.

Then, a familiar face came across me. It was the mute. He seems to be everywhere. I can’t escape him.

“Y-You bastard! I-I have b-been waiting f-for y-you!” I struggled.

He looked me in the eyes before a burst of light overcame him. He was beginning to float as if God touched him.

“Don’t leave me alone!” The woman begged.

A burst of sparks shot in all directions. Like that, he was gone.



I continued my way to the pier. The water was the same as ever before, dark and endless almost. The deserted games and soaked teddy bears were like an ultimate reminder on what this place was like.

For some reason, the water reminded me of Chelsea. Last I saw her, was a long time ago actually. I can’t remember where I last saw her, but she had a smile on her face.


“Goodbye.” She smiled. From me, she turned away and started to walk. It was a while before the horizon consumed her.

I dropped to my knees and felt my heart pounding, like I had been shot. Whether it was the rain or my eyes, water went down my cheek.


I don’t know whether I cried or not. I think it was painful to see her off. The rain was warm that day, and I always felt different on warmer days. Its just a weird body reaction.

Come to think of reactions, I don’t think I’ve digested anything in over ten years. Honestly, I don’t think ive actually touched food in a while either. What’s my age? Where is this city located? What day and month is it? I don’t really know anything about myself.

A thunderous boom overcame my ears, but at the same time a flash of light sparked the world. The flash provided color, and it was a moment of amazement.

I turned to the water, a beam of water shot into the sky like that one before. The only difference is that the water began to form something. It was hard to understand what it was, but it was huge. I could feel it inside me, the liquids signaling me to do something.

It was like I flew down a dark abyss waving my arms and legs like it would make a difference. What does this mean? I can’t feel my body and I sure as hell can’t even think correctly.

“Can you hear me?” It was similar, and felt soft. “Baby? You okay?”

My eyes opened and I was leaning over some bars. The sunset sure looks beautiful today. It was a wrong memory of a cruise trip a lifetime ago.

“C’mon, lets get something to eat.” Her voice became distorted and mumbled. Her hand reached for my shoulder and melted to the ground.

It reappeared as Chelsea, and she was shaking me awake. I quickly sat up bumping heads with her.

“Jesus man, you’re jumpy now aren’t you?” She said. “I’ve come back for you.”

Come back, for me? It seems too good to be true, I can remember the conversation when she left.


She stopped at the end of the road. She didn’t bother turning around, her arms at her side, and her hands clenched. I had my eyes on her, questioning what she was doing.

“I probably won’t come back. I have things I want to do and I can’t come back because of them.” Chelsea spoke softly. “I wish I could stay with you, to see what journey we’d have next but…”

The water felt warm, it was a soothing type of feeling.

I nodded, the movement of my nod signaled her.

“I’ll be back eventually, but one of us would probably be dead before that. For the both of us, stay alive okay? Please, stay alive and keep our story alive.” She started to tear up.

Then with one movement, she spun around towards me. “Goodbye.” She smiled.


Her words were powerful. Her face was pure, and her spirit was uplifting. This imitation is very different. There is just something to this one that proves a difference. I wish I knew what it was though.

“It’s been nearly five years. I’ve done most of everything I needed to do. I think we can continue our misadventures.” Chelsea explained. “I missed those.”

I can’t fuck around, I need to find my parents to understand why I am the way I am. They seem to be the key to everything; the bridge between worlds should help me clarify this. If I were to get to them, maybe they can explain who I really am. Maybe they can even change the past, but that’s a far-fetched thought.

I stood up. Chelsea stood up along with me, she was smiling like she did before and I felt my heart beat heavily. I felt it just light up in fear, or maybe nervousness.

“What’s wrong? Please tell me, well you know what I mean.”  She said.

I know she isn’t the real one, I just know.

I walked out of the room and out to the world. The rain poured onto my face, and instantly drenched my body. The water was slightly warmer than normal. It wasn’t as warm as that day Chelsea left, but similar.

The fake followed behind me. My first instinct is to run, but I think I should do something about her. I’m not really sure what though? A sudden burst of color shot out of her and painted the wall.

“W-what? What’s happening to me?” She asked.

All I could do is sit back and watch her slowly bleed color. It was like having a rainbow for blood, whenever the rainbow touched the floor, or any object, it began to show its original color. This fake did what I could not last time, which is to give this place some sort of color.

“H-help…” She gurgled and spat. In a moment, she fell to the ground.

I kneeled over the corpse and looked into the rainbow. It was like a whole new world inside this person. It reminds me of when I found the wall, which was the portal to the colored world. I stood up and turned around. The water was still pouring into the sky and my thoughts still not understood.

What if that was the real Chelsea and I was wrong?

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