After finding his portion of peace and contentment, the kid finds himself back in the nightmare he desperately tried to leave behind. He can only think of one thing to do. . .destroy the home he lives in.


8. Termination

I realized what had happened to this broken facility and decided to accept it. My thoughts were making this all happen. Kren was standing inside the room taking his zweihander from a corpse.

“Thank goodness you’re alive! We’ve not much more time. Come forth and end this journey.” Kren said.

I stood up and looked at the screen. The coordinates were directed to my home. I guess it is to end what has been started.

My hand hesitated to press the giant red button. Bradley’s unconscious body lies against the wall in the corner of the room. Tremors pressed the facility and shook it silently. Rubble fell from the ceiling and walls.

“Activate the device.” Kren stared at me with good intentions. He seemed to want the same thing as Bradley and I. He could know about the origins of this world, and why it was created.

I took a long deep breath and softly pressed down on the button. When it clicked in place, the whole facility was shut down leaving only flashing red and yellow lights.

Kren stared at the base of the missle, and eventually to me who was in shock. My first thought was to run to the roof and watch it all unfold. It was a sadistic thought to end such a beautiful place.

The lights stopped glowing, and instead popped out of their place and formed a body. It stood in front of us both as if we were doing something wrong.

“This is not your doing. It is not supposed to end this way.” The light form spoke through wavelengths.

Kren pushed me back and raised his blade; “Go, I will fend this off.”

My mind was running before my body was. I could have sworn that I had tripped multiple times, but I could not process it. Before I realized, I was on the rooftop staring across the vast space known as “Earth” getting the image before it would be destroyed and I would die peacefully.

Sound breaking screeching of metal bled my ears. The world stopped moving and the Whale was in front of me in a flash.

“You’ve only an hour left in this world.” The Whale looked at the missile, “It has begun, and you’re to be resolved along with the rest of the world.”

I stared at him as if I haven’t seen him before. His words made my mind a little clearer. I thought I could fix the world with a simple nuke but I know that I’m probably going back to hell for this.

“My name was Daniel, and I lived an ordinary life like yours.” He began to say his life story, “Then all of this happened and within the first week I was stolen from my family. They didn’t even bother looking for me, and then I was tested upon and given unordinary abilities. All the testing killed me and I was reborn a god.”

I was looking at his shape, and still baffled that he is a whale.

His voice was still active, but fading as moments passed. Soon my vision began to blur and stretch horizontally. The lights and world I thought I saw was nothing more than broken images.

It all stopped, and behind me was a brightened orb. It was similar to a human effigy made of steel wire. If this were anything I had seen before, it would be the same with Chloe when she melted to the ground. I don’t know how I compared it to her.

“Your parents are dead. Get over it. You’ve done it before, and you’ll have to do it again.” It spoke to me.

The temperature rose drastically. Smoke began to form underneath the nuke as it was activated.

My thoughts, my thoughts, my thoughts, my thoughts, what were they? I can’t seem to focus on anything. My body started to slump over and fall, but I denied it to do that. I forced my body to stay up and awake.

“Let your body fall, and just maybe…”It was cut off from its words. It dispersed into the air and was gone.

My body felt intense pain; the nuke was starting to lift. Smoke was beginning to absorb me. Heat rose drastically, and the sky turned yellow. I tried to look for my body, but couldn’t find it. The intense smoke absorbed my entire physical body.

It was all clear to me now.

“Your final wish?” Daniel pondered. “Oh . . . I know what it is.”

The smoke around me was blown away by a strong wind created by Daniel.

The nuke, now above me, flew high and majestically. Bradley placed his hand on my shoulder. “How long do you think it’ll take to blow up? I’ll give about five minutes.”

I knew that these five minutes would be the best five minutes of my life. This was my short, desperate for absolution, life. I thought I would feel terrible, but right now all I could feel was happiness. The endless nightmare was over, and I would be able to be reborn.

Daniel started glowing a darkened blue. It was blinding me. I had to shield my eyes to prevent myself from becoming dark. His body shattered like glass, and was no more.

Bradley fell to the ground, and shattered.

Kren, who struggled up the stairs held himself with his blade. “You’ve done it. I honor you, brave man.” He fell forward and shattered.

The nuke was reaching the peak of its flight. It was like a plane during the day, far and almost unnoticeable. I had to contain my excitement, but only before my body felt heavy. The pain was slowly dwindling.

I took a couple steps to the edge of the roof, and sat down with my legs dangling off. I was losing sense of touch.

I guess I can finally explain something to myself. Probably provide insight of the effect of all of this madness that has occurred.

As the days flew by, I began to realize how much life was valued. People had to kill in order to stay sane. They had to kill in order to prevent themselves from suicide. That was my understanding of it. After going to hell and coming back I thought that the world was as I left it; but the world got worse. The world was losing its balance as Bradley and I existed. Those who inhabited it were destroying by itself, and most of the world.

I was taken to different places around the world, and boy was it a nightmare. Maybe things could have been different, but my mental state would’ve been the death of me. I always just did things without ever knowing why. I was supposed to find my parents, but I know I would never find them.

The nuke pointed down, and was flying at a quicker speed. I lost my sense of hearing, and taste.

I saw color start to flood in the world, the green trees and grass. The gray buildings and yellow warning tape, the red bloodstains on my shirt and the bright sun. It was amazing; the entire world was finally being defined by its color.

Tears ran down my face as happiness finally hit me. The color of my skin stared blankly at me.

I felt a heavy gush of wind push my way, and a flash in the world. A heavy thud broke the sound barrier. I giant cloud of smoke rushed into the sky.

My hand shattered, and then my legs. My body froze and fell over, cracking in the process.

“I’m alive.” I managed to speak clearly. “It was worth it.”

I slowly shattered, my torso, my arms, and eventually my neck. The last thing I could see, were the memories of my parents.

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