After finding his portion of peace and contentment, the kid finds himself back in the nightmare he desperately tried to leave behind. He can only think of one thing to do. . .destroy the home he lives in.


2. Shattered

I awoke again, this time feeling more healthy. My leg wasn’t broken, and my ribs were intact. I was lying down on a fluffy bed made of feathers. The rain was separated using a giant leaf. I was in the middle of a forest near some town. I knew it was a town by the amount of noise that was coming from it.

“Are you okay?” I heard a girl say.

I turned to my right to find a younger girl. Her smile was bigger than life itself. I almost felt nurtured for a second, though I’m nullified to those emotions. I felt the blood flow through my veins, and I was no longer numb anymore.

I sat up in the bed. The windows weren’t windows, but they were just cut outs of the house. I could smell the campfire only twenty feet away. My body was broken to pieces only moments ago and now I’m in a bed being taken care of in the middle of nowhere.

The girl grabbed a knife and hopped on the bed. She stood above me with the knife in both her hands. Slowly, she pushed the knife towards me. On all fours, she was on top of me with a knife to my neck. I felt the cool metal against my vein. Within a moments notice, the knife was swung into her neck. The girl spat and gurgled blood on my face. Her body fell limp and rolled off the bed. The thump was as heavy as a log slamming against the floor.

I got off the bed and walked past her body. The blood on the floor drowned my feet. My footsteps were painted on the floor. There was a knock on the door. I ducked behind the dresser near the window.

The wind blew droplets into the room. It was filling quickly for such a large room. The door burst in, a woman entered carrying an axe mounted on her shoulder. She was large, but not in the tall type of way.

She looked at the corpse on the floor, but also noticed I wasn’t on the bed.

I moved towards the window inching to the outside. I gripped the edges of the smooth wood, slippery from the rain, and pulled myself towards it. The woman shifted towards the window and spotted me. Her face covered with tears and blackened with sadness.

I quickly moved through the window. I fell only a couple feet before landing in a large pile of leaves. I should never be the first to think that I should hide in a pile of leaves. It’s one of the best hiding spots.

The droplets of rain slivered through the cracks of the leaves and onto my face. It was natural sweat from the sky, like the ruler of the sky was bored of life.

I closed my eyes and let time skip slowly. It was a pure spot where I could just think without having to worry about being killed or hunted.

The woman threw a lighter on the leaves and turned it all aflame. I pushed through the leaves and out of the burning hell. I ran forwards into the forest.

Almost an hour later, I was dehydrated and lying on a log. My hell has just begun. Screams could be heard miles away, but they echoed through the forest and into my ears. It seems like the time when Darkness began to consume the civilians of the city. Lots of civilians were killing each other and it was a pure blood bath.

To my left was a deceased squirrel, its stomach lay open and guts splattered across the floor. I’ve seen worse, and I feel like sleeping inside the maggot-infested body. The woods are naturally supposed to scare children so I doubt I’d find one roaming through here.

I stood up as I saw a ray of light closing in on my position. I began trotting towards it almost more silent than an owl at flight. A truck broke through trees driving 4-wheel at top speed. It was heading right towards me. I jumped over the log I was dormant at and ducked my head.

The truck crashed into the log and lifted the front wheels so it was balancing on the mechanisms under the vehicle. I crawled to the side and realized that a man was killed and drove off the road. His brains quite literally splattered inside the truck. The bullet cracked the entire window, seems that it was something of a heavy bullet.

I opened the door and exposed the bloody death. I dragged him out of the driver’s seat and checked into the glove compartment. There was just registration and a couple of Band-Aids.

I was kicked through the windshield and onto the hood. The truck tipped forward and crashed the axels into the dirt. I rolled off the hood and onto the ground. The kid pushed me down on my side. He grabbed a glass shard and pinned it against my neck.

I didn’t attempt moving only due to the fact that I don’t want to die from this kid. He picked me up and dragged me to the door of the truck. I placed my hands on the seat to prevent my face getting bloody.

The kid walked to the back of the truck and popped out the trunk. The truck flipped back on the back axel and popped the wheels. I was lifted with the truck and threw into the air. I crashed down on the ground and rolled into a hollow log.

The kid’s back broke from the trunk slamming on his back.

Thunder began to strike the forest. Thunder flashed white against the black sky, the white shone over the ground as well. It was frequent thunder and, like before, endless rain. Through the loud pattering of rain, I could hear the kid’s scream. His pain was not my fault.

I buried my head in my arms and closed my eyes. My mind opened up a world. I remembered the darkness and death from my city and virtualized it in my head. I was living a memory so crucial to my life that I could almost cry.

I flew up in the air riding the winds and clouds. The ecstasy flows through my veins. I felt alive and important. The overwhelming feeling of adrenaline pumped and pushed me through greater heights. The soft and cold rain slid off of my face and down my body.

I slowly lowered myself to the ground. I landed on my feet barely standing up straight. I stumbled over a garbage bag. I looked back at it and it looked different from what I had seen tripping over it. This time it was green with a symbol on the side of it. The symbol was really familiar but I couldn’t figure out where I know it. I began to turn around. But as I did so I felt an overwhelming sadness. I turned around and started to run. Soon it was into a sprint.

The rain stopped. The sun didn’t rise and it was dark everywhere. The city I once knew was going insane. The color filtered gray and dingy. Shadows caused an insane darkness. This truly was where I live, not a beautiful city filled with happy people. This was the dream world.

I kept running and running until I came across a wall. The darkness crept up closer to me. Without thought I ran into and through the wall. I felt uneasy and dizzy. I reoriented myself and noticed the vast landscape that was not my home.

This place was a forest with little color. I felt a deepening difference in my emotions. I felt a little happy. But still I was filled with this sadness that wouldn’t go away. I never felt a happiness that stayed. Only short bursts of adrenaline that pumped small happiness, slowly, into my emotions. This did not and I feel like this would be the end of me. Especially if I take this for granted. The feeling of life and presence causes these emotions, in this case the emotions are caused by what seems to be a female gender. I don’t recognize her nor do I know why I am feeling this happiness.

I opened my eyes. I couldn’t believe that I was still able to feel happiness. My dream was an even that occurred not long ago, depending what day or year it is. I can’t remember, though I would love to.

I just realized that I wasn’t inside the log. I was roaming the streets of a new city. It was littered with garbage and blood. This town seemed more open with its suicide. The heart of the city contained two skyscrapers lit up like a Christmas tree. The colors were obviously black and white.

I think I might have mentioned it before. About not being able to see color, that might have been in the other city. Those were much simpler times. I could roam the streets without being threatened with a gun, and everyone had already died at that time anyway. Runners jumped through rooftops trying to find where they actually fit in the world.

I stopped at a store and looked inside. A man had his whole body cut in half. The blood could fill a car. The rain slipped into the cracked window, causing the inside to become damp.

I hate this place because it’s filled with memories of a distant past. I walked slowly through the city and found my house. It was barely even there. I wonder who would have destroyed it, and why they would do such a thing.

I placed myself on a totaled car and looked at the debris once known as my house. It was a hopeful rejoice with my home. I only wish I could have been there when it was destroyed.

There was so much rain to fill the world, but not enough to fill my soul. The rain represents my existence. It is there, and has no point on being there. Being immortal is even worse, I’m sure I should be dead from starvation a while ago.

A man was walking down the street with a hood. His head was covered and his face blackened with a shadow that beamed into the hood. He walked towards the mansion gates. His arms swung to open them, but it was locked from the inside. He struck it with a hammer in his hand and cursed.

I think it’d be best to stay away from people like him. There is just a natural feeling of dismay coming from him, its just not pleasant.

I turned away from him and walked in the other direction, there was a man standing behind a pick up truck. His hands weren’t seen. Most likely he was probably dismembering someone. I could swear that this place should be destroyed.

I stopped in my tracks. I took note of the sky, and realized that it wasn’t raining once again. I grabbed my chest and dropped down. My heart pounded out of my chest violently. It was painful as it was scary.

I dropped to the ground and passed out. I was stuck in the void of hell for some reason. I could see the people of my dreams. One night, a little while ago, I was dreaming from a long day of nothing. I could see these people who were on the floor playing. I could remember a child and some toys of his.

I could swear that my mother was there, but I couldn’t make complete assurance. If I could find the place of my dream, then maybe I can escape this reality. Maybe I could find my parents too.

What use would it be if I did anyway? My parents weren’t good to me anyway, and I wouldn’t want to keep them alive anyway.

When I awoke, I was in this black void. I couldn’t figure out if I were standing or lying down. My mind was spinning and so was my body. It was a dizzy effect that pressured my eyes to see the truth.

“Listen closely. You’ll see what will happen to you in moments. For now, my son, you must find “F”. You find this “F” and you can finally understand the reason why things are the way they are. Please, for yourself and your family.” A booming voice heard from the heavens called upon me.

I awoke once again, this time inside a meat locker. It was starting to become worse and worse where I was beginning to land. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up in a bathroom.

The meat locker smelled of frozen blood and looked like a winter wonderland. Though it wasn’t a wonderland, blood was everywhere beneath the ice. Seems like no one has been here for a while, I think I should leave before I catch a disease.

The floor was slippery; I guess I should make sure I don’t fall.

Each step I took was like a chance. The icicles on the roof were loose. My right foot cracked the ice on the floor and rocked the hanging ice. The noise shook the room. My body turned still. My nerves were calm, but I was still shaking.

“I heard something in here!” A man spoke oddly from outside the room. He sounded really British, and at the same time, he sounded really Italian. I’m not sure how I got them confused though.

I sneaked behind a barrel of “Toxic Fluids” and stood quiet. The man entered the room with a rifle in his hand. He fired a shot into the hanging meats, and this caused some icicles to fall down. They were sharp and moving incredibly fast.

“Hehehe! I guess it were nothing’.” He scratched his head and walked back out.

Now that most of the icicles are gone, I can now move without much worry. Key word, much, is in the thought cycle.

Walking was still a puzzle, and I didn’t enjoy figuring it out. I slipped forward into the door, ultimately denting it. The lock was broken, and didn’t allow me to leave.

Well, that is an option that is gone now. There should be a vent in here; most of these meat lockers have a vent somewhere.

I turned back to the icy land of a room. It was starting to thaw a bit; the door must have let out a significant amount of cold air. I heard the same man question the thud against the door. Like me, he couldn’t get the door open either. Scanned the room, sweating within the confines of such a cold place.


I found a vent buried beneath some ice, sadly I’d have to break it or melt it. The only things in here were blood and meat, maybe some scrap metal but that’s about it.

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