After finding his portion of peace and contentment, the kid finds himself back in the nightmare he desperately tried to leave behind. He can only think of one thing to do. . .destroy the home he lives in.


1. Prologue

I’ve awoken in another mysterious place. I could feel my own bones breaking on their own. I was strapped to a chain-link almost drugged from sleep. A body, female, lies next to me beaten and bloody. It was like a torture house, only in a backyard of a mid-western society.

I shook my arms, weakening the nearly broken fence. I could feel the body next to me recently killed. Her face gashed nearly open from what seemed to be a leather whip.

Noises from the house were heard. Rain began to pour, seems reminiscent of home. I wonder what happened, I can only remember flying like it was yesterday.

The rain pattered upon my broken body. All my thoughts shattered, and my life was pouring from my eye sockets but also dripping from my nose. At the moment, I was just a body on life-support.

A gunshot was heard followed by a death gurgle. Blood painted the window, brains plopped on and slowly sliding down. It was a horror movie seen in real life. The woman crashed through the back door and vomited on the ground. She gasped for air, but couldn’t find it.

I looked back at my straps and struggled even harder. I felt an incoming doom, a man walked out of the back door following the woman. He held a revolver in his hands and pointed to her torso. Within moments, her back was blown out and her blood gushed out in gallons. Her life-ended right there, on that dirt backyard of a decommissioned RV.

I thought I saw traumatizing things back at the city, but this was worse. Seeing suicide was like a walk in the park after witnessing this murder spree. I felt like I was next in line, but he just spat on me and walked back inside.

I pulled with all my force on the chain-link fence until the straps broke. They were as cheap as a girl on a street corner selling herself for minimum wage prices. My body was weak and fragile. I couldn’t adapt to this type of punishment, instead I had to endure it.

A high school horror flick turned cliché. I was the one of the group to survive. I had to leave the corpse there, for I could barely stand on my own as it is. I felt slight sorrow for the first time in years. I hadn’t even cried when my parents killed themselves.

Another shot was heard, a man was now screaming. I heard his pain and troubles from all the way out here. My hearing was on point, like a bloodhound with its nose. I was decent at observation, but not communication.

I leaned against the fence, my legs cracking at every movement. I took two steps before my whole leg broke in half. I couldn’t scream, I had to bear with the excruciating pain. My body was becoming even weaker than before. My heartbeat was no longer going in a pace it had a beat every minuet.

The man walked out of the trailer again, this time he dropped a body bag into a well. It was a long drop before hearing a thump at the bottom. My mind wasn’t focused, my consciousness was fading, and I was dying.

I slowly crawled towards the well. My arms were cracking loudly, the cold rain slapped onto my bare back. It was like living in Canada, the constant cold and constant feeling of snow on the ground, covering the streets. I’ve never actually felt snow, but I know what it does when you touch it.

I grabbed the cobblestone well, and I put all the strength I could find into climbing into the hole. Half my body hung in and half was out, I was balancing on sheer bone and whatever tissue was living in my body.

I tilted forwards and fell straight down. It was almost endless. The blackened walls combined with the already colorless world. It was like hell all over again, but somehow better. I felt my ribs break and crack inwards under the pressure.

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