After finding his portion of peace and contentment, the kid finds himself back in the nightmare he desperately tried to leave behind. He can only think of one thing to do. . .destroy the home he lives in.


3. Deep Emotion

I was able to escape just by the skin on my back. The man inside the locker shot towards a pipe, and luckily it controlled the heat and melted half the room. I was only seconds from being killed and personally I think I’d like to be.

Upon exiting the vent I dropped into the dumpster out back. The stench could kill a rat, but to my surprise it wasn’t filled with anything.

I peeked out of the dumpster, and found that I wasn’t in the city anymore. I was along a beach, midday, sunny and warm. I jumped out of the dumpster and walked onto the sand. The water was glowing, it seemed that something was going on underwater. Within the glowing, I saw a figure. It was shaped like a giant whale, but seemed slightly off. A surreal amount of force pushed water into the sky through a beam. It seemed endless and reached the stars. Suddenly, the water stopped moving as if the ocean was on an invisible land.

“Its amazing, isn’t it?” A man said. “Yeah, the way the world works is very odd.”

I looked at him, slightly terrified; he was wearing a brown overcoat painted by blood. His pants were blue and shoes brown. His face was filled with wisdom and pain. In all seriousness, I think he’s seen some shit.

I felt a disturbance from the water like it was calling me.

“The world just places people wherever it wants without much care for anything.” The man continued. “First I was being beaten in a small town, and then I’m here fighting to stay alive. I’m not sure when this began, or who is playing god.”

I don’t know who this man is, but he knows about the same much as I do. Thanks god that I’m not the only one going crazy.

“Well, ill be off. You take care okay? If we meet again, my name is Bradley.” His hand stuck out.

I reached for his hand until I finally grabbed it. We shook and went our own paths.

I turned back to the ocean when I noticed that the sand was shining. Little suns sparkled across the sand, and for once…

The sky shook, the ocean became rain and flew across the world. It was disturbing, yet somehow peaceful. I ran to the sand, as if the ocean was pulling me. The dark figure in the water rose up from its watery grave. Its stare was dark and menacing.

“Its you again…” The whale spoke.

I hid behind a rock, but kept my attention towards him.

“I remember who you are. You sick bastard.” The whale continued. “Look at what you made me.”

I got up from the rock and took a good look at him. A whale, someone I know became a whale because of me. Not very surprising honestly, with all the oddities that is happening its kinda normal.

A force of movement struck me to the ground. I was dazed and unable to get up. My eyes were tearing; the oxygen around me was cold and heartless.

“The icon of sin, a battered body, denied death.” The whale said. “You just do what comes natural.”

I was still confused, my body tired for some reason. I didn’t want to sleep. I couldn’t sleep, not now. I still have to look for my parents.


It seems I’ve awoken in another mysterious place. This one resembled my home, the constant rain, the nostalgic suicide, and the overwhelming depression. I remembered this so well and I finally got to come home. Will I be able to stay here? I love this place, and I don’t want it to change.

“Hello son. I’ve finally been able to speak to you after so long. Look at you, you’re all grown and you seem so well.” He began to cry. A tear ran down his face and onto the ground.

“Oh my. My sweetheart, you’re so big. It’s been nearly…” My mother began to speak, but it became mumbled and less clear to me what she was saying.

I awoke once again, in my bed, at home. The runners tapping on the roofs spreading their glitter, they led the trail for people to follow. Sadly, not one person can keep up.

I got up and off of my bed; I walked into the hall. I made it into the kitchen right next to the living room. On the floor I noticed some weird things. I saw some skeletons on the ground. They were my parents; I had not known it has been that long. My emotion was still the same, bland and emotionless. I could see barely patches of flesh and dried blood attached to the bones. They smelled worse than they looked but it couldn’t even break my emotionless mind. All I could do was stare and keep my eyes locked on the blood.

I thought I could just find them, but it seems this could take a while. After all, they are dead.

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