After finding his portion of peace and contentment, the kid finds himself back in the nightmare he desperately tried to leave behind. He can only think of one thing to do. . .destroy the home he lives in.


6. Cracked

I kept my eyes on the church. I could see the glowing cross on the top. The feeling of a safe haven filled the aurora borealis. The world was completely different. There was a feint feeling of color.

I walked over to the door and attempted to open it. It didn’t work, and seemed as if I wouldn’t be able to leave this place.

A sign hung above the altar saying, “There is always a place to move…” and I felt like it was trying to tell me something. I couldn’t make it out because there is nothing to move inside this place. All of the seats to the torches were built into the building. Slowly, the church was becoming dim. The altar lit up red. A sign emitted the red light. It was the same sign from the garbage bag in my city. I never thought I would ever see it again.

“You feel the light?” A female voice spoke. “Can you understand the light?” Her voice gradually got worse, like it was being scratched.

The floor lit up in flames and was burning the church down. The wall behind the altar fell to debris. The smoke blinded me and eventually just disappeared. I thought I died, but in reality I was just in a different area.


This desolate world was beginning to get to me. The thoughts of being alone in a world so big was terrifying. I wonder if anyone is actually alive besides me. Was the Darkness the only one who has been there for me all this time? Was it even a person? So many questions with no one to ask or answer them all or even half of them.


I felt as if I were remembering past events. I hated doing this, my time inside that broken city was inhumane. Some may question why I haven’t killed myself yet. This situation is very reminiscent of my past events.

My eyes finally opened. It seemed as though life was beginning to repeat. My past was trying to speak to me through dreams. Flashes of imagery and sound, as if everything was connecting to my very moment.

Zero? No, he wanted to kill me. Zero was helping me by inputting false images to create a landscape that would generate a world. That’s what I could make of it anyway.

In the end, Zero attempted to kill me due to the lack of progress within the few days that we worked together. I thought I could trust him for believing in the same things. Clearly, I was wrong.

Eventually, the world around me actually began to exist. I was inside a candle-lit, and dingy wooden house. I heard a light hum, but nothing coherent enough to understand as a song. Sounded more like choreographed humming.

I sat up quickly, and turned towards the doorframe. No one was standing there, but the rest of the house was lit up.  I stood on my feet and began to head through the door. I couldn’t help but glance outside the window. It was dark, but not enough to make me feel like home.

It was snowing, but I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t cold, at least not inside. I stepped to the window and pressed my cheek against the glass. The window wasn’t cold, but instead, very warm.

Something was not right.


I was alone and in a dark area. I could feel the chills of cold air running down my spine. The feeling of ultimate solitude gave me the thought of death. It wasn’t good.


Steps echoed into the room.

“Awake?” Bradley asked. “If you don’t remember me, I’m the guy that was standing by the beach where the sky-whale was.”

I remember this guy, and he was a pretty good guy too.

“You were on the floor inside the ‘Cursed Church’, which probably explains why you were knocked out.” He chuckled.

I turned to him, who was motioning me to follow him. I headed with him into the next room where the couch was.

I sat down.

“So here is what’s going down. I’ve figured out that we cannot exist in the same timeline. The world is going through an imbalance of darkness. I’m the Yang to your Yin.” He explained.

A sudden silence overcame the room. It was like a moment of processing information.

“I cleared the Darkness, but that was a piece of you. So technically, we should be trying to kill each other to save the world.” Bradley was beginning to make sense, and I was just beginning to realize that I wasn’t the only one to experience these events.

Clearly, something is wrong. Either God messed up, or the Devil got what he wanted. The world is now going into withdrawal, and it cannot be saved until one thing conquers the other. In this case, I either need to kill him or he needs to kill me. I can’t figure out whose life means more.

I know his is almost as bad as mine, or at least that is what I can make of it.

“The only issue of those options is that we wont kill each other. I know that for a fact. We might need to speak to the sky Whale.” Bradley mentioned.

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