After finding his portion of peace and contentment, the kid finds himself back in the nightmare he desperately tried to leave behind. He can only think of one thing to do. . .destroy the home he lives in.


7. Acceptance

“So you come again?” The Whale asked. “For what purpose would this serve?”

“Well clearly you don’t exist without a purpose. You shouldn’t just float in the sky to entertain those who come here.” Bradley said. “We want to figure out the way to end the reality in which this world exists. Both me and him cannot live within the same world at the same time, the balance between life will not stand for it.”

I don’t think the Whale understands what is happening. Maybe it’s a human who is questioning why he is living within a whale.

“I cannot provide such a service, but I can excel at pilfering.” The Whale spoke.

So in other words, he is going to help us find the necessary supplies on working towards our wish. The only thing I could think of would be a nuke. Nuclear bombs aren’t necessarily lying around.  Even if we were to find a nuke of a grand size, I wonder if anyone would be guarding the device.

“There is a bomb of grand size, and only seventeen miles from here.” The Whale spoke

Oh great, I already guessed it then.

“In a moment’s notice, transport can be provided.” It continued.

“So you can teleport us there?” Bradley asked.

“No, but provide a mean of transportation.”

The water turned to material, and formed a ball. Lights were shooting out, blue, and brightened the world naturally. A beacon within the sky, and over the sea not mortal overcame the world.

An explosion behind me threw Bradley and I like a Frisbee. I landed on the porch of a blue stilt house.

“You’re first act of committing your life.” The Whale said, “Drive towards the other sky beacon, and you shall find what you need.”

Bradley and I dusted us off and entered the car. The engine spat and stuttered, but eventually started. We were on our way to beginning a new world.


“So what do you think of this? Maybe it’s going to work, but I don’t really understand why it’s helping us.” Bradley pondered.

Suddenly, the Whale decides to help us and everything is supposed to be okay. The world is still dying, and no one can comprehend such complex ideas. I don’t either, and evidently, I shouldn’t pay much mind to it.

I looked at Bradley who was completely zoned out. He focused hard on the road, and what the affects of the depression caused.

“Sorry, I was infatuated by silent words.” He spoke. “It’s going to be a long time until we reach where we’re going so it’s best to get some sleep.”

I turned towards the window, and a striking thought came to mind. What would happen to the world after we leave? Would they suddenly break from their violent grasps? How can God, if there is a God, live with himself knowing that this world is the way it is?

I quickly dozed off, somehow.


“Wake up.” Bradley lightly moved me. “We have another mile to hike. The main road is blocked, so we’ll have to climb the wall from another side and into the base.”

Cars and burning shacks

I hopped out of the truck and checked the sky. It seemed like the light were right on top of us, but it wasn’t.

I stretched a little and looked towards the forest we needed to walk.

“It’s a goddamned shame.” Bradley shook his head. “This is going to be interesting, all the roots and fallen trees we’d need to pass would take an extra couple minutes.”

I figured as much.

The sky started to tear up, and eventually cried.

Why does it have to rain now? I was starting to enjoy not being able to feel rain. The world has a little too many questions.

We both looked over the guardrail of the road. It wasn’t too steep, and luckily we were at least able to climb down. The slope was also getting muddy, and this was going to be an obstacle.

“There’s a hood on the floor, we can use that to slide down the slope.” Bradley grabbed the detached hood. He moved and placed it under the guardrail so just enough was balanced on the highest point.

We sat over the guardrail and onto the hood. Bradley slowly pushed us away from the road, and we were zooming.

The air rushed into my face, the adrenaline pumped blood around my body. Going faster and faster erected a smile on my face. That was only short-lived about three minutes.

Bradley and I were laughing, “Damn that was fun! Maybe after we get that missile we could come back here.”

I knew what he was saying, and I appreciated the offer, but I don’t see myself alive after that missile is retrieved. The only thing we should be focused on is the getting this damn thing. I wouldn’t know how we could bring the missile here.


We traversed the forest until we finally found the wall. There was a man standing alongside it. He was just sitting there.

“You see that man? We could take him.” Bradley suggested.

He was just sitting there, but not doing anything. Why should we kill him?

The man was wearing a knight helmet, chest plate, and shin guards.  Beside him, against the wall, was a zweihander heavy sword.

Night was beginning to overcome the world, and the beam above us was glowing brighter than any sun to exist.

The man stood up and looked towards us, “Pardon me, I was absorbed in thought. This wall seems to be blocking my way, but of course, I need to keep a positive head!”

His voice was deep, but sounded somewhat childish. His mind was very optimistic by the pitch of his voice.

“Right, we are going over as well. We could work together.” Bradley questioned.

“Oh yes, we could very much do that. Oh, forgive me, my name is Kren.” He introduced himself. “Don’t worry friends, I am not to do you any harm!”

His positivity was pretty motivational. Something in his posture made him seem very distinct despite everyone else in this world being the same.

“I hope you realized there was a door over there.” Bradley pointed to the broken door.

“It has been stuck, and I have waited for such civilians to come here. Oh, have I waited.” Kren said.

My body felt heavy out of nowhere. My head spun a dozen years to eventually have me fall.


“Who are you anymore?” The girl yelled while sobbing.

I grabbed her and threw her into the glass door. It broke, but didn’t cut her. She then pushed me down the stairs.

“You’re going to hurt me anymore?” She was crying heavily, and it felt worse than the endless rain back from my hometown.

We were spinning around, and hold each other by our arms. The world was blurred, but her face was clear. Her pain carried through my veins and into my heart. Her tears were more than just pain, but an everlasting, worldwide disaster.

We let go of each other and stopped spinning.

“I should change my name to Daniel because you clearly can’t fill those shoes.” She wiped her tears.

We were on the front lawn of a white house inside a cul-de-sac. There was a white 40s car without the hood alongside a black minivan in the driveway.

Who was Daniel? Why am I having this dream?


“You alright buddy?” Bradley shook me awake. “You fell unconscious.”

The room was dark. I couldn’t see anything. I could only hear their voices.

“If you had not realized, we have achieved victory. We have arrived inside the facility.” Kren informed me.

My mind was killing me and I had no intentions of passing out. It kind of just happened, but after the dream. I feel like I should take a painkiller, but I haven’t taken any drugs for the longest of times.

“We need to keep moving. Kren, I think this is where we separate. I would assume that we do not have the same interests.” Bradley mentioned.

Kren stood up using the tip of his blade and bowed, “We must bid farewell. I hope you accomplish what you are looking for. I know I will.”

He lifted the blade over his shoulder and headed out into the hall.

Bradley and I quickly moved to the main room. The simple noises of creaking metal pierced our ears. Water leaked form the walls and pipes along with moss and vegetation. It was either that or the bland tears of the sky.

“There it is.” Bradley’s mind was focused solely on the nuke. His eyes glistened as if he were planning to destroy the world rather than lead it to reincarnation. “The systems would send it into the air, but we can blow it up here as well.”

I took a moment to poke around with the technology. It was highly advanced and unfamiliar to my eyes. They were flooded with information and a virtual world unseen to the human eye itself.

The age of technology hasn’t completely been reached yet and so I’ve become blinded by violence and the outdoors to remember how to do simple things using electricity.

Bradley came up to me and took over, “Look here. This is where it was supposed to launch, but it seems that this place was evacuated and left dormant. Now lets launch it huh?”

He pressed the ‘launch’ button, and nothing happened. On the screen it had shown in flashing red text ‘FAILURE: GENERATOR NOT FOUND’.

We stood in shock and hadn’t done anything for a couple moments.

“Well that is unfortunate now isn’t it?” He stated, “Find the generator and turn it on. Take the stairs over there and head to the power room. Maybe some of the plasma vials has emptied over time.” He pointed to the stairwell in the far corner of the room. It was shaded dark and very disturbing. This trip was close to an end, but now I see that there is much more to do.

I walked over, keeping my mind in check to remind myself of what I was doing. For a couple moments I couldn’t even have a single thought but now I can somewhat focus.

I took four steps down before feeling as if I were on fire. The walls around me were melting, and the floor below me cracking. My steps were faulty making me trip over myself to the floor.

“It’s okay my son, you’ve done your best.” A voice called to me like a fly to food.

I blinked twice, and everything was back to where it was. I was already to the bottom floor to the generators. I looked at the one clearly not powered.

The note on it said, “To anyone who will read this, DO NOT power this generator. A field of energy too powerful for the human mind could be released.”

I ripped off the note and stared blankly at the switch. Most of me need to turn it on, but I know for a fact that I should listen to this guy.

My hand reached for the switch. My warm skin pressed against the cold metal lever. What are you waiting for? Why is this so difficult? If I don’t then I can’t destroy this world, and if I do, then I’ll be able to pass off into the next life.

A swift movement came over my arm and I pushed the lever up. The generator spat and sputtered for a moment before starting. An electric force pulsed from the machine.

“It’s all working! Great job kid!” Bradley praised me; “Now get up here so we can finally finish this.”

I headed back up the stairs and into the room.

Only minutes from the greatest moment of my life I could feel a strange force overcome the world. Is this what that guy was talking about? This ‘powerful energy’ was starting to rip my thoughts apart.

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