A kid is trapped in a world of destruction and pure darkness. He stumbles across a world unlike his own and becomes obsessed with finding this world.


5. Tangible

I soon was on the ground. I followed myself into what seemed like a store. Looking closely at my environment I knew that this wasn’t real. People fidgeted around when completely still. That girl was there with me. Sitting down enjoying a meal.

Could this be my future? No!

“I'm trying to get you out of that place just hold on!” Zero yelped.

 I looked around in a blazing fury. Hyperventilating and trying to stay calm I walked around until I found the bathroom. I felt instantly calm. Clean and bright, this place was not where I lived. I can feel my heart breaking slowly. I dropped to the floor.

I coughed and blood was on my hand. I coughed violently enough to start puking. The blood went into the sink and in the drain. I fell again and blacked out completely.

“You son of a gun! Gave me a scare.” Zero said.

I awoke on a bed above the ground. I looked around and noticed that we were far into the clouds. I put my legs over the edge of the bed and sat. I breathed in cold and clean air. I nearly choked on the air.

“It is clean is it not? Took me a while to find a spot of some sort of clear air.” Zero informed.

I got up off the bed and stepped on the cloud. I looked down at the dark desolate city below. I looked at Zero with a questioning face.

“We can get down, don’t worry about that.” He replied.

I showed relief. He handed me another canister. And pushed me to the bed. I laid down a second time and drank the liquid.

“This time RUN!” Zero told me.

I awoke on the top of a building this time. The winds and sunlight flown through my body and uplifted my spirits. I took a minuet to look around. I peeked over the edge of the skyscraper. I saw the height in which I was lifted up from.

I felt dizzy.

I turned around and headed to the back of the skyscraper. I found a crane only 3 feet away from the building. I obviously was going to try to make the jump. I started to scrape the bottom of my sneakers on the roofs’ rough material. I cleaned off some dirt and made the sneaker dry. I backed up from the edge of the building to get a better start.

“You see those shacks? You need to get there with a purple charm. Its hard to miss.” Zero informed me.

I ran towards the monstrous sized vehicle. At the very edge of the building I leaped. It was the hardest leap I have ever attempted. I overshot the bars and landed safely on a platform. The platform shook and rattled fiercely. I became hesitant to head down the ladder. I grabbed the bars and slowly slid down the ladder.

Midway down the ladder I felt the entire machine shake. I felt very uneasy and disturbed.

“Just a couple blocks to the broken sewage system.” Zero directed me.

I finally made it down to the ground level. I was unbalanced and tripped over myself. I finally reoriented myself just enough to stand correctly.

I began my run to find this broken sewage pipe. In a ditch over 5 blocks down the way from where the titanic crane was is where I found the broken pipe. I looked inside the giant crack in the road noticing raging waters. I peeked at the shack across the pipe.

I walked around the pipe to a small wooden bridge. I looked at the broken rope that hung around the pole to probably support the bridge. It wasn’t safe.

“Hurry it’s starting to form!” Zero guided me.

I looked over my shoulder and noticed the darkness. I turned straight again staring ahead.  I began to slowly walk over the bridge hearing what could be my liquid death under me. Thinking of such a death made me sprint across.

The bridge shook and cracked. I felt the crack bend down. I made it to the other side of the bridge looking back at the darkness. I turned around and headed towards the shack for the charm. I opened the shack door and a heap of dirt-combined dust flew into my eyes. I breathed in some of the dirt and coughed violently.

“Here we go.” Zero said.

I grabbed my throat and dropped to my knees. I coughed even more. I fell to the ground and started to lose feeling in my body. I then blacked out on the ground.

I woke up inside Zeros’ home. I sat up and rubbed my head. I looked around for him but he wasn’t around. I got up from the bed and walked around his head.

“Well you have been a real help my friend. But sadly we are going to have to go our separate ways from here. Goodbye.” Zero said differently.

I heard him say that. I turned around to him. He dashed at me and stabbed me. I backed up and grabbed my stomach. I felt the blood rush out of my body into my hand. I stumbled over and dropped on my side. I attempted crawling away from him. He dropped on me to stop me from moving.

“Your so cruel!” Zero yelled.

I felt multiple stabs in my back. I managed to turn around and look at him. Pissed off he kept stabbing me. I felt like I was floating away into a distant future. This felt peaceful. I fell faint and soon went into a black void. I seemed to get one last glimpse of my world. The darkness engulfed the home and knocked on the door.

“You…you stay away from me!” Zero yelled at it.

“Don’t escape your end. Never deny the destiny you told.” The darkness replied.

The darkness caught up with Zero and filled him with endless torture. This place wasn’t home. Of course this was hell and I figured that out as I drifted deeper into this hell. This was only the beginning of something I had not wanted. And now I know that that girl will forever be away from me, as I can’t go to that distant place once known to me as “Earth”. Every second that passes by I seem to go into a deeper part of hell and you would believe that I'm not having regrets. But in reality I am.

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