A kid is trapped in a world of destruction and pure darkness. He stumbles across a world unlike his own and becomes obsessed with finding this world.


1. Prologue


I flew up in the air riding the winds and clouds. The ecstasy flows through my veins. I felt alive and important. The overwhelming feeling of adrenaline pumped and pushed me through greater heights. The soft and cold rain slid off of my face and down my body.

I slowly lowered myself to the ground. I landed on my feet barely standing up straight. I stumbled over a garbage bag. I looked back at it and it looked different from what I had seen tripping over it. This time it was green with a symbol on the side of it. The symbol was really familiar but I couldn’t figure out where I know it. I began to turn around. But as I did so I felt an overwhelming sadness. I turned around and started to run. Soon it was into a sprint.

I hadn’t known where I was going, but I had to run somewhere.

The rain stopped. The sun didn’t rise and it was dark everywhere. The city I once knew was going insane. The color filtered gray and dingy. Shadows caused an insane darkness. This truly was where I live, not a beautiful city filled with happy people. That was the dream world.

I kept running and running until I came across a wall. The darkness crept up closer to me. Without thought I ran into and through the wall. I felt uneasy and dizzy. I reoriented myself and noticed the vast landscape that was not my home.

This place was a forest with little color. I felt a deepening difference in my emotions. I felt a little happy. But still I was filled with this sadness that wouldn’t go away. I never felt a happiness that stayed. Only short bursts of adrenaline that pumped small happiness, slowly, into my emotions. This did not and I feel like this would be the end of me. Especially if I take this for granted. The feeling of life and presence causes these emotions, in this case the emotions are caused by what seems to be a female gender. I don’t recognize her nor do I know why I am feeling this happiness.

Before I knew it I was thrust back into the wall and into my reality. The darkness broke me. It was a deepening cry for help. I was truly never going to experience that again. Unless I break the cycle and create my own world of colorful expressions and happiness then I can actually experience that once again. That is if the depressive environment doesn’t eat up whatever hope I have left. And that girl…she was interesting. I have to find her again just to find out why she is there.

I began to fly again this time higher than before. The cold air slowed down my flying speed. I slowly drifted away into again a dark wall. This time I felt the pain. I crashed through the brick wall a second time. The wall broke instead of formed. I know this was real. The wall then began to form itself again blocking out the dark and depressing city. I looked back inside the forest. This time it wasn’t colorful, but very dark. Dark enough to see some light and partial color in this world. My feelings weren’t the same as before. There was that happiness but not as strong.

I walked not a far distance before seeing another human. It, once again, was a female figure.

I smiled.

I started to tail the girl. But she was faster. She traversed the landscape like it was nothing. I crashed and stumbled over vines and tree roots. Soon I fell into a small puddle of swamp water. I picked myself up from the green bath. The girl sat on a tree branch looking at me.

She giggled.

I was then melting into the water as I stood there. She looked worried. I melted to my waist. She dashed at me but it was too late.

I woke up on the top of a brown building. I sat up. I was still getting drenched with rain. The rain was scratching the rooftop. I stood up and walked to the edge of the building. I looked over the rail and noticed the height of the building. Once again the depressing setting broke my hope for seeing color again. Even the slightest amount of color could save me from this hellish city.

I peeked at the next roof over and saw a runner. A runner was a person who traversed the rooftops without fear. They practically feed off of adrenaline. I see them as the people who bring hope to this depressing world. The glitter they drop when moving around. Literally they were my inspiration. But now I have a better purpose. I need to find that girl I have no clue why. I have a sudden feeling of doing so. She made me very different and happy.

I left the building through the back fire escape. I nearly slipped off of the ladder due to the rain. I was in the back alleyway of a convenience store. I jogged out into the streets. Still depressing I have noticed something different. A hint of color had flown the streets. But perhaps it was only the glitter from the runners.

I started to follow the runners. But soon enough they left my sight.

I walked over to the wall where the darkness followed me. Once again the darkness was there. Waiting silently for the next victim to come. I looked puzzled trying to figure out why it was just there. Then I felt a movement behind me. I glanced backwards towards the presence. But nothing was there. I turned back towards the titanic darkness that was soon to be my grave. I say it is my grave because my world represents sadness. It practically has adults and teens committing suicide. Children watch dazed in confusion what suicide is only because their fragile minds can’t comprehend how or why it is a thing. So they watch their parents and siblings killing themselves because they can’t stand the colorless and depressing world.

The darkness began to form a shape. A face it appears. Lips formed on the face and began to shape words.

“You know what is behind these gates. I know what you are and I know what you will be.” It spoke.

I stared confused at the monstrous darkness.

“You have seen the beautiful lie known as life. But you are living in the painful truth.” It explained.

I looked back at the gray city. Then back at the darkness. I figured that it was trying to inform me that I would never see the colorful landscape that I have been trying to get back to. Turns out by its words I am already dead and seeing the world that I would love isn’t possible.

“She…” It started.”…Represents what you need. In this messed up reality.”

Through the wall I saw the girl that I had wanted to meet. The girl that drove me to create an interesting and creative world but like always I would never be able to create such a world.

I turned around and ran. For no particular reason I ran.

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