A kid is trapped in a world of destruction and pure darkness. He stumbles across a world unlike his own and becomes obsessed with finding this world.


2. Mortification

I eventually reached the ocean. The pale and black abyss of what once was a colorful blue liquid. I felt broken by what the darkness said. Even though everything he had said was told to me before. Countless times I believed that I would be the one to take this world and make it colorful.

I began to cry.

Looking over the edge of the safety rail saw myself staring, tears rolling down my cheek and into the sea. For a brief moment I saw a devil in my eyes. Like I was the person to have caused such a world to be made. I began to feel like this was my entire fault. My emotions and thoughts ran wild with unrealistic dreams. But not only were they dreams, they were a story. Like words written in a book or a melody in a song or the rhyme in a rap, my life was beginning to make sense.

The girl in my dreams began to be a reality. But not mine, the other reality that was the beautiful lie. I'm sure that the ugly truth would break her. It would break me to see that. But I wouldn’t know her anyway. I wouldn’t fit in with that group. Only because I know what reality is…and it hurts to not be able to share it. Especially with the one I dreamt about.

I walked home after releasing some stress. I opened the door to my room and sat on the bed. I looked over at my desk to see the same note everyday. It says, “I'm sorry son but I can’t live here anymore. I'm leaving life for new opportunities. I love you. ~ Father”

I picked up the note for the first time since his death. I placed it in a transparent case. I placed the case on my shelf. Afterwards in the living room it was the same as the day before, broken and destroyed from the fight my dad and mom had about 2 years ago. I haven’t bothered to clean it.

In the corner by the kitchen was my mothers’ dead body. Hanging from the ceiling fan was my fathers’ dead body. Both of the bodies had dried blood trailing away from their placement. This time I felt an immense sadness. Once that I have not felt since I looked at that symbol on the garbage bag. Even though my parents have always beaten and berated me I still didn’t want to see them dead.

I lay down on my bed and stared at the black ceiling of my room. The shadows in my room always scared me. Just thinking about what could possibly hide within them made me defecate in my mind.

Slowly I began to close my eyes and drift into what seems like a never-ending sleep.

I started to walk. I don’t know where but I started to walk straight. Soon I came across a duet singing on a boat going down a stream. They seemed to sing a Christmas song that I probably don’t remember. But my lips started to follow the song but I never spoke. Then last moment my legs moved to form running. But as I ran I could never catch the boat.

I was on a bench staring into the water, as it kept moving down the stream. The water seemed so peaceful. The longer I stared the more I began to see. I saw things unimaginable and heartbreaking. The world ended because of this uninteresting colors and patterns. And I was the last person to live.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. Glancing up at the person who tapped me I felt fear. The person who tapped me was my own self. But he was happier and scarier. If this were what I would be then I would rather be the old glum and messed up me. But of course I still want to meet this other world. This so called “Beautiful Lie” that the darkness speaks of is what I want to experience.

I woke up in my bed around 6 in the morning. I got up and dressed. Leaving my room I blocked off the image of my parents and waved goodbye like I would do earlier in my life. I walked down the same road through the same graveyard back to the darkness. I looked around it and saw no opening. I was stuck on this side for who knows how long. I want out, I want to see the world I was meant to see.

“You wish the lie?” the darkness questioned.

I shook my head with pride and confidence.

“Listen. You wouldn’t want to go there because it will prove the wrong when it should be right. It will lie when proving the truth and will beat you in times of need.” it continued.

I thought about it for a couple seconds. If it were saying the truth how would I know? This place is too depressing for me to say no right? I don’t understand. How would this world work inside the other one?

“Confused you are? Pity for a smart character such as yourself you should understand that you don’t have it so hard. You parents died and no one is there to yell or throw you out of your apartment.” It persisted.

I looked at the darkness again. A blank and awkward stare came across us both. I could just barely see some light through that dark shield. Not enough though.

“Leave.” It pushed.

I started to walk away. My hands in my pockets and the rain pouring on my jacket I kept my speed until I stopped on the street corner. I looked back at the darkness. I know that the darkness that blocked the colorful portal to the other side was what I live in. He or it was what controls this side. The ones who feel like this, sad and always depressed come here because of him. I remember long ago that there was color and everything was fine. But slowly and that prick was the one to cause this madness.

My pride was broken. The person who I was trying to fight for wasn’t real and I felt that. Deep in what my heart was I could feel a little bit of life. But now I know that I cant actually live here. Even though I am “alive” I don’t feel it. I wish I could see her again. Her smile and laugh brought my spirits up again. This time it wasn’t going anywhere. I was going to force myself to fix this problem.

I ran home and grabbed my spray paint. The color from the can itself was gray as well. I ran back down to a blank wall. I covered the top of the alleyway with some leftover cardboard and began to create something. I started with a simple landscape with green grass and turquoise waters. For a moment the color was bright but slowly faded by the darkness that consumed most objects.

“You cannot color my world!” Darkness informed.

I felt the presence of Darkness around me. I started to run out of the alleyway to the brick wall that contained the colorful world.

“Ha! You cannot escape me!” It said.

I was consumed by the darkness. I blacked out into a deep and depressing room. I felt worse than I have ever felt before and now it was my probable end.

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