A kid is trapped in a world of destruction and pure darkness. He stumbles across a world unlike his own and becomes obsessed with finding this world.


4. Inundation

I awoke in a candle lit wooden and dingy cabin. I heard singing but I couldn’t tell what song. I sat up from lying down. Looking around I saw the silhouette of a human being. I questioned my eyes before seeing the door open. It was a black shadow that floated in front of me.

“I don’t have a name…but call me…Zero.” He told me.

I continued looking around the room. I saw very faint colors. I believe it is to be orange. The faint colors reminded me of the sun long ago before the darkness attacked the city. I'm sure I should stop referencing the darkness.

Zero moved fast with his actions. Moving at the speed of light he could do almost anything.

I began to move my lips to form words. But still I couldn’t speak. My voice was way too old to speak.

“Don’t speak. For your vocals haven’t been used in years.” Zero said. “I understand your drives and what you want to find in life. But I'm afraid you aren’t ready yet.”

The words rang through my head and hit me hard. Another feeling of sadness came over me. I was not ready and I knew it before but hearing it through another persons’ words broke me.

“I can help. But not in the way you would expect me to.” Zero suggested.

I shook my head.

“Take this and get me some green leaves.” He ordered.

He gave me a sharp knife and a mask. I put on the mask slowly. I sheathed the knife in my pocket.

“Now hurry! You have 5 minuets.” He told me.

Outside of the door was still the same old forest never to be changed. I ran straight into the forest again to find these green leaves. I came across a ravine I haven’t seen before. Then my body moved on by itself and I jumped. I was in the air for what seemed like a long time but in reality 10 seconds.

I grabbed the vine hanging from the edge and swung around. The violent force knocked me off of the vine and onto a nearby rock platform. I got up and looked around. Coincidentally I found the green leaves but there was no way out that I had seen.

I felt a vibration on the floor. The earth was moving. It crashed back and closed the crack I fell from. I was alone and in a dark area. I could feel the chills of cold air running down my spine. The feeling of ultimate solitude gave me the thought of death. It wasn’t good.

Soon I thought of something limitless. My mind expanded into a space of infinite possibilities and thoughts. I understood everything at that moment. The adrenaline pumped back into my veins and pushed my mind further than space can comprehend. Before I knew it I was moving. I jumped over holes that I normally wouldn’t be able to. Finally I came to a root ladder in which I climbed up.

I started to rush back to the cabin in the middle of the woods. The rush of knowing that you are too late was scary. I approached the cabin and reached for the door. I swung it open with a great force and threw the leaves on the table.

“Last second. Lucky man.” Zero praised me.

He grabbed the leaves with a knife and placed it in a bottle.

“Drink this and lay down afterwards.” He continued.

He handed me the cup and walked away. I lay down with the cup and slowly drank the pudding-like texture of the drink. I started to feel very different, like I was floating away into a different dream.

I was flying in the sky. Much like I was earlier in time. I didn’t control my destination I just flew away. I came close to the ground and nearly broke the asphalt trying to land. I rolled after the impact and landed in a tipped over garbage dump. I got up and cleaned myself up.

“Feel the emotions.” Zero said.

I can hear him? What emotions? Why is he even helping me?

“Now…Move!” He yelled.

I looked around and saw the darkness coming towards me. I could feel the depressing cold air as I ran. I came across a fence. I started to climb up the fence. I vaulted over and landed with a loud Impact. I looked right and saw an opening. I rushed down the alleyway and out to the streets. An overwhelming sight of beautiful and calm waters overcame my eyesight. This was really nice.

“Hurry!” Zero yelled.

I shook my head and closed my eyes. After a couple of seconds I opened them. I began to run away from the darkness again. I came across a wooden beam.

“You must cross it!” Zero informed me.

I slowly placed myself on the beam. I began to slowly make my way across the wooden beam. My walk went onto a hop. Midway of the beam I felt a sudden crack.

The entire beam shook.

I started to inaccurately run across the beam. I misplaced my foot and tripped off the beam. Luckily enough I grabbed on with my left hand. I slowly pulled myself up. Then the beam made a louder crack. I rushed my way to my feet and walked again. Only seconds later the beam broke.

I flew down a dark abyss. I waved my arms and legs around as though I would actually do something.

What does this mean? I can’t feel my body and I sure as hell can’t even think about anything.

“Can you hear me? Oh god this went wrong.” Zero said.

I could hear him perfectly fine but I didn’t understand what happened. I moved my body to face upwards to the sky. I was able to see a bright yellow dot. This dot was the sun I believe.

I looked back at the abyss and noticed a very weird hole. Darker than the darkness I was already floating in. I felt different. This felt nostalgic and uplifting. Who knew I would be happy in the disgusting city I lived in? But I didn’t land.

I was flying up in the air riding the winds and clouds. The ecstasy flowing through my veins and my entire body made me feel so much different. I felt alive and important. The overwhelming feeling of adrenaline pumped and pushed me through greater heights. The soft and cold rain slid off of my face and down my body. This feeling was something I had felt before. Earlier in a point and time I was doing this exact movement.

Wait…is that me? What am I doing? Where is this place? I feel scared. This wasn’t anything I have seen before. This was a different city and a whole new environment.

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