A kid is trapped in a world of destruction and pure darkness. He stumbles across a world unlike his own and becomes obsessed with finding this world.


3. Desolation

I awoke with a blade in my hand. The knife was on my wrist and slowly piercing my skin. I stopped myself for a short time to notice what I was doing.

I untied the rope from my neck and I got down from the chair I was standing on. I proceeded to the outer streets. I looked around puzzled in confusion and questions.

I was trying to call out someone or something but my voice hasn’t spoken in years. I can’t even remember my own voice let alone try to speak.

I looked once again at the barren wasteland of what now is where I live. I remember seeing buildings and structures. Now its just rubble and dust making the gray depressing environment darker I began to feel pain.

I started to cry. I dropped to my knees and pounded my fists on the ground. With each hit the impact cause dust and dirt to move. The tears from my face landed on the ground. This colored the ground. I then figured it out. The rain is what causes the environment to grow dingy and depressing. But I love the rain…how could that make me sad?

“Confused young one?” Darkness spoke. ”You attempted suicide but noticed your failure in life.”

I picked myself up and looked at the sky.

“You know what to do now. Find the right and live in that lie! I am starting to think that I am wrong for creating a world that shows what the world really is. That colorful world filled with happiness is not what you think it is!” It ranted.

I started to run in the direction of the forest. I know where I am due to my countless runs around the city. Literally I could traverse this city blind folded.

“You still try young one?” Darkness said. “Why do you persist? Accept your fate in this world!”

I began to sprint faster and harder. I saw the movements of the dust as I landed each foot. In the distance I saw the treetops. I know that this world is hidden behind that forest. It has to be.

“You will be disappointed to what you might find!” He complained. “Fine. Have what you want. I will prove you wrong in the end. And I will forgive you for your error. For that is human is error.”

Human is error? Yeah it sure is. But I know the difference between trial and error. So that means that I am a test and I have made an error. Which means that the girl is a bad thing? I wouldn’t care I just want to see her and a colorful landscape again. But how is what I'm trying to figure our.

Remembering correctly the forest is where I found her swinging and running around. Which means that her world must be connected to mine with the forest.

I stopped running and took a small breath. I glanced back at once was a blooming city turned dark. Even if it was a depressing atmosphere even for the children who didn’t know what sadness was I didn’t want to see it crumbled and destroyed. I sat down for another moment. I was bordering the outside and the city. I have never been very far outside but I'm sure it was different than being inside.

“You stop?” Darkness asked.

I got back up and took one last look at the city. This was where I am going to leave. I began to run again. This time faster, harder and more confidential. My sprint became into a dash for life. The feeling of seeing freedom was endlessly powering my soul.

Moments passed.

I reached the outer rim of the forest and began my journey. This was going to be a journey like no other I have had before. I had more to drive me in the direction. The Darkness broke my will and me but I wont just stand and let that happen.

I stared into the pitch-black forest. It was a hellish landscape that gave me a crippling shiver. The dark forest gave me second thoughts about all of this. But in the end I didn’t want to live in a world broken to its last stand.

I began to walk.

As I walked into the darkened forest I felt great a great presence. I felt like someone was watching me, but it wasn’t the normal feeling. I always had a feeling of someone watching me but this time it was a greater feeling.

I tripped over a root from a tree. I fell down a small hole. I landed in a small puddle of water. I drowned for a couple seconds before coming up from the water.

I saw the sun for the first time this month. It was beautiful. But this sun wasn’t there for long. It continued the never-ending rainfall.

This desolate world was starting to get to me. The thoughts of being alone in a world so big was terrifying. I wonder if anyone is actually alive besides me. Was the Darkness the only one that had been there for me all this time? Was it even a person? So many questions with no one to ask or answer them all or even half of them.

I began to look around the hole I was stuck in. I found a vine I could use to swing or climb up. I grabbed the slippery grass-like vine. I wrapped the vine on my right arm. I started to pull myself up and wrap the arm around me at the same time.

Finally I escaped the hole. Cuts and scratches on my arm bled lightly. Feeling this deep presence again, I ran. I jumped around and hopped over vines and roots until I tripped again. The darkness from the forest this time followed me.

I charged in a north direction and found a small tree house. I stopped in front of the ladder that was broken nearly in half. I jumped and climbed the ladder. I entered the tree house and slammed the door shut. I backed away slowly. I bumped to the other side of the shack. I slowly lowered myself onto a sitting position. I crossed my arms and lay them on my knees.

“So you are giving up? The forest darkness consumes the entire shack. It’s okay to cry. You can never leave now.” Darkness said.

I looked around the room in high adrenaline frenzy. I was hyperventilating and felt dizzy. Finally I found a roof escape. I opened it that then let the darkness into the room. I crept back into the corner trying to escape total madness.

Soon I was completely engulfed by darkness. I felt the cold and bold sadness that dissolved in the black fog. I couldn’t feel anything and my thoughts were going wild. I couldn’t keep track of my actions. One moment I was flying in the sky with cold water in my face then to the ground in where I wanted to go. Then I faded into a dark and deep black hole.

“Let the madness consume you young one.” Darkness said.

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