A kid is trapped in a world of destruction and pure darkness. He stumbles across a world unlike his own and becomes obsessed with finding this world.


6. Checkmate

I awoke looking at myself in the wet ground. I looked around the area I was in. noticing the weird mirror I walked over to it. I looked into it. A crack broke the mirror and distorted my vision.

“Welcome.” Said a voice.

I looked around noticing the room forming a hospital. I jumped in fear and ran behind me. Sharp spears aimed directly at me stopped me in my tracks. I turned around looking at the hospital finalize in shape. Some nurse was behind a counter and guided me to sign in.

“Please…sign your name here.” She smiled.

I walked over to the counter. There were names already here. So many that I could never imagine why this place is the way it is.

I picked up the pen and began to write my name.

I finished writing my name and glanced back up at the nurse. She stared back at me.

“Something wrong?” She asked.

I felt myself form words. But still no sound would come out.

“Your name?” I mouthed.

“Oh! My name. My name is Chloe.” Chloe replied.

She looked at the name I wrote and smiled.

“What a cute name!” she complimented.

I smiled.

I turned to the narrow and darkened hallway. I questioned its appearance.

“You know you are the first person I have seen in about a year.” Chloe informed.

So that’s why she was so happy to see me? Interesting enough I'm not too sure how to deal with that. Being alone was a problem for me not long ago.

“Come with me.” She grabbed my hand and dragged me along.

We ran down to the beginning of the hall. She opened the door with a brown and dirty key. She latched on to me like it was her last day alive.

“I was too scared to ever dare to go down this hall. And since you are a person, Male I might add, I thought you could protect me.” Chloe stared at me smiling.

 I nodded.

We slowly walked down the hall stopping at every flicker of the broken lights.

I clenched my fist hard.

I started to dash down the hall with Chloe.

“Slow down! I might fall down if you keep spee--!” Chloe fell.

I turned back and helped her to her feet.

She hit me.

“I told you to hold up a minuet. Or at least slow down!” She scolded me.

I gave a face of sorrow.

“Oh its all right.” She continued.

I grabbed her hand and sped down the hall.

We came across a wall of spikes. There were bodies and blood hanging and dripping from the spikes. The bodies were falling endlessly and in the same path. I glanced at one of the dead bodies and saw a man, familiar, dying slowly.

“Do you know him?” Chloe asked.

I looked closer at his face. It was Zero. I don’t have a clue how he got here first.

“Wait…I think I remember this guy. He was cursing and screaming about something. Hold on. If I remember correctly he was looking for you. Cursing about you and how you cursed him. I'm not too sure if he was talking about you or not.” Chloe informed.

“Y-you bastard! I-I h-have b-been waiting f-for y-you!” Zero struggled.

I looked him in the eyes.

A burst of light shot out and into my body. I felt a different force inside me, something I have not felt before.

“Don’t leave me alone!” Chloe grabbed me.

I began to float in the air. Light shone out of all parts of my body. The feeling of light uprising me was total grace. God had connected with me and I have found myself in hell.

“You belong where you are my son. Very few have I said this to…and you cannot be forgiven. You killed your parents and caused genocide in your city. You destroyed and blew up everything to your will. Trying to end you in the worst way. The rope broke and you didn’t kill yourself. You are a true darkness.” God explained.

I get it now. I was the darkness that roamed my city. I blocked my own happiness. I killed everyone and I didn’t even know. The darkness didn’t stop me from happiness. Instead it was just myself blocking the path to redemption. I could never get the girl. I would never be able to help myself as for I was the modern day Hitler.

“Is it true?” Chloe gripped her head asking. “You were the one to kill that town. You sent me here? You were the one who haunted me. I thought you were just a kid.”

I have failed myself in the literal worst way possible. I was the thing I tried to escape and Zero was trying to help me. But no matter what I would never be able to escape my sins. I can’t believe that I actually caused something I tried to stop.

Chloe ran at me. She punched me in the face.

I flew to the ground and smacked my head on the ground. I lay there doing nothing…just staring at the ground. I saw blood on the ground.

Chloe dropped to her knees and covered her mouth. She cried.

“I'm so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I just reacted.” She cried.

I sat up and looked at her. I grabbed the wound in my skull. The blood ran though my fingers and down my arm.

“And you my daughter…you are here for the bombing in the states. You claimed bombs from military and used them for revenge. Those planes crashes into the towers were your doing. Not the ones in Europe. You have the same punishment as my son. You two will never rise to the earth again. But instead survive for all eternity in hell. Goodbye.” God finished.

I looked at Chloe. I stared at her with a blank stare. My head throbbed with pain as I tried to focus on her face.

“I did that? Wow I cannot believe anything right now. Now I really feel bad for us.” She crawled next to me.

She ripped some cloth off of her dress and covered the wound.

I smiled at her.

She smiled back at me. But began to cry afterwards.

I comforted her with a hug.

“C’mon lets get out of here.” She suggested.

The room we were in was a circular platform in a black space. I questioned her thoughts.

“Well maybe not.” She corrected herself.

I felt really dizzy. I fell backwards into unconsciousness.

I woke up a couple minuets later with my head leveled on her lap. I looked at her face, tears running, and smiled at her.

“Thank goodness. I don’t want to know what I would have done without you. Even though I did meet you a couple minuets ago.” Chloe said.

I got up from her lap. I started to go around the perimeter of the circular platform. I found a hole. It was white and square. It was probably a doorway to another type of life. I'm not exactly sure that I trust it. But in know it’s my only way of death or maybe a new life.

“You found something? Hey a doorway right?” Chloe looked at me.

I nodded awkwardly.

She grabbed my hand and jumped into the hole. I saw a new beginning after entering the white doorway. Finally I felt a permanent uplift in spirit.

I was flying.

I flew around in the air riding the winds and clouds. The ecstasy flows through my veins. I felt alive and important again. The overwhelming feeling of adrenaline pumped and pushed me through greater heights. The soft and cold rain slid off of my face and down my body. I looked next to me. Chloe was flying with me. She was smiling and laughing as we flew in the sky.

“This is great! I've never felt so alive!” Chloe said.

I looked back at her.

“Yeah…same.” I replied.

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