You Belong with me -Taylor Swift- (as story)

This song is From Taylor Swift Song - You belong with me - as story

Cover By - Taylor Swift audio


2. #2

the  next morning  I  was reading a book  walking to the street your  wearing your worn- out  Jeans  I can’t help thinking  we were laughing the park bench  start thinking to myself  then later while since she  Bring you down oh you say it it find you  better than that?  Hey what you doing with it a  to girl like that? She wear high heel  I were sneaker  can’t you see I’m the one who are you looking for?  You belong with me  at night time you write  asked me if I’m going to prom  I wrote no staying  you  looks so sad and you are about to cry so I feel like I really wanna go because I want to see that I want him to see that I was  writing I love you. When  I was in prom he saw me  you belong with me can’t you see I’m the one who understand you ?  Why can’t you see? You belong with me have you ever just  maybe.....  you belong with me 

that all


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