You Belong with me -Taylor Swift- (as story)

This song is From Taylor Swift Song - You belong with me - as story

Cover By - Taylor Swift audio


1. #1

i was in my room I saw my  crush  was in the  phone we live next-door,  we write note each other that’s Good he’s was talking to his  girlfriend she was upset she’s Doesn’t get your humor but I do. I’m in my room it  Tuesday I was  listening to my favorite song but she doesn’t like it  she will never know your story...  I  write my paper if he was ok and he  wrote tired of drama I  write sorry :(  I was about to write I love you but he cover his window  so he can’t see  but she wear shorts skirts  like very  short  I wear  T-shirt  I’m the one who  you looking for  im the one who  understand You  why you can’t see ? belong with me. 

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