Legend of Zathril

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  • Published: 4 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 7 Feb 2018
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A prequel to the story: Legend of the Magic Crystal.


2. The Strange Group

On this day, just like any other, Zathril went on his way to Stratos to hunt for yet another dragon. Halfway to Stratos however, he comes across the weirdest group of creatures he has ever seen in all his time. This group comprises of a human, an elf, a demon, a goblin and a salamander. They continued towards each other and the human was the first to speak when they were within earshot of each other.  


Zathril?” the human asks looking at him.  


“What’s it to you?” Zathril answers sharply, annoyed that his dragon hunting trip would be delayed.  


“I'm Pandonium. This is Eternia.” The human introduces pointing towards the elf. “Rave.” The demon just dismisses it with a wave of his hand. “And Isengar.” The goblin looks up to where Zathril is, staring straight at him for a few minutes before returning his attention to the salamander, stroking its back as it remains asleep in Isengar's hands. “You see, the funny thing is, we need that red crystal that you have in your possession.”  


“I’ll play along.” Zathril thought. “All right, if that's what you want. Although it wasn't in the least bit amusing. What do you have to offer or trade?” Zathril asks taking a good look at each of them, stopping at the demon, Rave. “What are you hiding in your hands?”  


“I'm not hiding anything. My hand got scorched earlier while dealing with a dragon.” Rave answers, showing Zathril his right hand that had been singed, causing the hand to turn an almost charcoal color. Embedded in the palm was the yellow crystal.  


“How about we trade crystal for crystal? What say you?” Zathril asks catching sight of the yellow crystal.  


“No.” Rave answers without hesitation.  


“Fine then. I'll have the salamander but I want him to do the trade.” Zathril pointing a finger in Rave's direction. “Just a thought though, how many crystals are there?” Zathril wonders to them.  


“Finally, the second crystal will be mine.” Zathril thinks to himself. “This battle might be tougher than any I’ve ever face though. Weapons, human- sword, elf- bow, goblin- axe, demon- unknown. Success rate: 54.1259%, not including the demon.”  


“Well, according to history, there's supposedly 3 crystals.” Pandonium answers.  


“Shall we begin?” Rave asks in what seems to be his most polite voice, or it could be that he is just being sarcastic. Either way, he is able to cut Pandonium short which was what he had intended to do.  

They walk up to each other slowly, cautious of each other's actions. Zathril, the first to speak as they finally approach one another.  


“You first.” Zathril says waiting for Rave.  


“Same time.” Rave answers, not convinced.  


“We do this my way or not at all.” he answers, convinced that Rave would make the trade no matter what. Salamander still in hand, Rave stretches it out towards Zathril. However, Zathril, never interested in the salamander goes for Rave’s hand instead. Grabbing Rave's hand, he slaps away the salamander causing it to hit head first into the ground as he tries to pry the crystal embedded within the demon’s hand.  


“Rai!” the goblin, Isengar shouts, quickly running forward to where the salamander lay. Pandonium and Eternia take a glance at each other before chasing after him. As soon as Pandonium is near enough, he takes a swing with his sword at where Zathril stands cutting Zathril off from Rave. “You will pay for hurting him...” Isengar shouts. "...with your life!” Eternia, on her knees, attempting to comfort the goblin.  


“No one steals from me. No one!” Rave also shouting with anger and rage in his voice.  


“A pity I couldn't get it out otherwise it would have been mine.” Zathril says casually as though he had done nothing wrong.  


Rave stretches out his hand, his palm embedded with the yellow crystal facing Zathril; but when nothing happens, he quickly withdraws his right hand.  


“I would kill you if I could. Count yourself lucky.”  

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