Legend of Zathril

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  • Published: 4 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 7 Feb 2018
  • Status: Complete
A prequel to the story: Legend of the Magic Crystal.


4. The End?

He froze midway. His mace inches away from killing the guy in front of him. It was either him or them. A question of survival so why couldn't he kill them now? Also, for the crystals. 

His body moves against his own freewill. Someone is forcing him to move. Turning him but to where? He'll soon find out. Finally stopping, he comes face to face with another human some distance away. An archer by the looks of his attire with a bow in hand, arrow poise, pointed in his general direction with a quiver of arrows on his back.  


"Give us the red crystal and we may spare you your life." a female voice coming from his right. He would turn towards where the voice came from if he could but he can't thus he remains facing the archer.  


"You will have to kill me first." he says slowly making sure they hear every single word.  


"That's what I had intended to do in the first place." she answers finally revealing herself in front of him. Her facial expression, serious with crimson red hair flowing behind her, tied up in a single ponytail that reaches slightly above her hips matching the red mantle that she is wearing and the whip she holds in each hand.  


He feels something tightening in his chest to the point of hurting him. The pain tolerable until it begins to move upwards. He screams in agony. The pain, unbearable. It was unlike anything he has ever felt before in his entire life. Even his worst-off battles were nothing compared to this. Whatever that was there, was looking for a way out, inflicting even more pain into him as it rips out his armors creating a hole. The red crystal. How ironic for a stone that is use for healing, to bring pain instead.  


The red crystal floating slowly away out of his reach and viewpoint. The pain in his chest has yet to subside, even with the red crystal no longer doing anything to him, when the female that stands in front of him takes out a hidden knife and thrust it deep into his chest where his heart is. Immense pain shoots through his body. He collapses.  


After several days of Zathril not returning, the townspeople went out in search of him, only to find him dead on the route towards Stratos, brutally murdered. As Zathril had been the savior of that town, the townspeople begin telling stories of how strong he was and how tragically he died with the crystal stolen from him. And thus, we end a story of a myth that turn into legend as the ages pass. As for the crystals, no one has yet been able to gather all 3 crystals at once, or have they..?  

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