Legend of Zathril

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  • Published: 4 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 7 Feb 2018
  • Status: Complete
A prequel to the story: Legend of the Magic Crystal.


1. The Challenger

Legend tells of 3 magical crystals: red, blue and yellow. It is unclear how these three crystals came into existence, only that they hold immense power within. The red crystal, the power to bring everlasting life to anyone in possession of it. The blue crystal, the power to move anyone or anything to anywhere in the blink of an eye. The yellow crystal, the power of any knowledge the user seeks. It was said that when a single being has gathered all 3 crystals in one place, a higher power will be unleashed into the world. As a result, wars have been fought time and time again for the control of all 3 crystals. However, no one has yet to come into possession of all 3 crystals at once, that is, until…  


Zathril has heard the tale of the 3 crystals from young and had vowed to obtain them at any cost. On his travels, he’s seen more battles and been in most than any one man would have in their entire lifetime. After more than 10 years of hunting with no result to show for it, he was about to give up hope of ever finding any crystals when he starts hearing stories of a red crystal appearing in Alfield in the hands of a man named Otto. As such, he armed himself with an additional weapon, a mace that can be extended into a flail, making sure that it is fully concealed. This was in addition to the collection of weapons already in his possession; a crossbow attached to his left arm and a whip on the left side of his belt. Zathril then headed towards Alfield 


“Where is the man called Otto? I’m here to challenge him.” he declared aloud upon reaching Alfield. After that declaration, he notices that the townspeople were all acting strangely, averting his gaze and going into their homes rather hurriedly. The ground started to tremble as something approaches and as it came into view, he realizes that he was looking at a giant.  


“No find Otto. Otto find them.” the giant shouts. A glowing red light at the giant’s chest where his heart would be.  


“The red crystal, so you must be Otto. Weapon, a club. Success rate: 99.9958%.” Zathril thought to himself. “This should be easy enough. Don’t worry, I’ll make it quick. I’ll slay you and get that crystal.” While grabbing his whip, he aims the crossbow at the giant and shoots.  


“Otto angry now!” the giant, Otto yells after the arrows strike him. Enraged, Otto raises his club and runs towards Zathril. When there’s still quite a distance, Otto jumps up and is about to slam Zathril into the ground when Zathril uses his whip to bind the giant. Bound by the whip and unable to move, the giant landed on the ground. Zathril approaches the giant with crossbow aim at his heart and fires around the crystal. As he does so, the crystal slowly detaches and falls out landing on the ground beside the giant. With one quick swoop, he picks up the red crystal and hides it in his armor just as the townspeople starts coming out and cheering for him when they see the giant lying on the ground. With the giant’s death, the townspeople convinced him to stay and protect them.  


Initially, Zathril was glad that he was honored like a true hero. The town even had a statue built in honor of him. However, he quickly grew bored of the town’s life and went out to the neighboring area on occasions, mainly Stratos, to hunt for dragons which gave him the thrill of fighting and to relieve any stress which he may have, running the town. During his reign in Alfield, many came to challenge Zathril in combat but none have succeeded.  

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