New World New Abilities

A normal day for a high schooler named Sadie until the night a bus comes. Sadie sneaks out of her house at midnight and boards the bus wondering why its in front of her house waiting for someone to enter on it. Unexpectedly it takes her to a strange place where she soon finds out who she really is. She returns from the strange place only to get her best friend Hannah to go with her.


1. The New Bus

"Come on Sadie stop taking too long!"

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" I say as my friend Hannah rushes me in the locker room. She always wants to see that one guy she likes. The coaches only give us a certain amount of time to dress and get ready for gym, so we all have to hurry. "I don't see why you like him so much Hannah geez, have you even talked to him yet??"

"No... I'm too shy..." Hannah says looking away from me.

"Yeah I can tell, you should stop rushing me, I hurt my foot last time you pulled me." I say to her a little annoyed.

"Oh yeah, I'm sorry, how's your foot? Hannah asks concerningly.

"Still hurts! But its getting better." I say as i tie my shoes.

"Good. Just give it time you'll be fine!" Hannah says and reaches out her hand to me.

"Yeah that's what I always do." I took her hand and we had to go to our groups and do stretches. Gym is my least favorite class of them all. I don't mind playing sports if I have to for a grade but I rather do other stuff to be honest. But its what we gotta do so we have to do it. My group probably has to be the worst though. There's 2 athletes, both on our track team, The quiet braniac, and an annoying guy.

"Okay guys come on hurry lets do our stretches so we can get out there first!" A girl says as she gets into a lunge.

"We don't have to rush Gabby, I mean Hannah already rushes me enough." I reply to her back.

"Well you have to stay fit! So lets go team!" Gabby says enthusiastically.

"I like your hair today Sadie." Jack says as he looks me straight in the eyes with a huge smile.

"Jack its like that everyday." I say kind of weirded out.

"I know." he says and his smile gets bigger.

"Wow...Okay..." We had to run 4 laps and I was beat. I almost passed out! I'm not fat, but i'm not skinny either. After Gym we had to go to 3rd period, Lunch, Then 4th period. After school is my favorite. I get to see all my friends.

"Okay everyone don't forget to sign in and get your snack!" Mr. Gerald yells to all the students.

"Hey Mr. Gerald." I say as I wave.

"Hi Sadie, How are you today?" He asks marking on a paper.

"I'm fine, you?"

"I'm doing well! Don't forget to sign in."

"Okay" I reply. Mr. Gerald is pretty nice. He's good with math, he always helps us with our math homework. I heard he was in the military. He's pretty mysterious too though, no one really knows much about him. I then spotted my friend Liz. "Hey Liz!"

"Oh hey Sadie, hows it going?" Liz asks as she signs in on a piece of paper on a round brown table.

"Nothin' much, you?" I reply back to her.

"Pretty good, we got our report cards today, but I haven't looked at mine yet." She reminds me.

"Oh! That's right!! I totally forgot."

"Hey guys whats up" Chris says walking up to us.

"Hey Chris" Liz says as she sits down.

"Wassup Chris, get your report card?" I say then sit next to Liz.

"Hi Sadie, Nothing much Liz and yes I did, But i'm too scared to look at it." Chris replied back.

"We should all 3 look at ours at the same time." I suggest.

"Good idea Sade" Chris says as he gets his report card out of his book bag.

Chris gave me that nickname in middle school. It always stuck since. His real name is Christopher, but we call him Chris for short.

"Okay ready guys 1..2...3!" Liz counted down and we all pulled them out at the same time. I had A's and B's.

"Dangit my moms gonna kill me!" Chris says stressfully.

"Why? what do you have?" I asked him while Liz is just staring at her paper.

"A 72 which is a C!" Chris says.

"That's not that ba-"

"What subject?" Liz innterupts me and I just looked at her in a weird way.

" A C is bad for my parents and Science."

"Science is easy!" I blurt out. Science really is easy. Well for me at least. I've always been at the top of all of my science classes. Life just interests me.

"Science is medium, were just not a braniac like you sadie!" Liz says as she stuck her tongue out at me. Little did she know I think braniac is a complement not offensive.

"Hey if your a braniac then you have more chances of getting a job when your older!" I say back and  I stuck my tongue back at her.

"True, but being too smart can get annoying" Chris says.

"How so Chris?" Liz asks him while putting her report card back in her book bag.

"I don't know hard to explain, Liz."

I swear he's so confusing sometimes. He left to go use the bathroom but Hannah finally came.

"Hey Hannah!" I yell and waved my arm up high. It took her a while to find me, there's a lot of people who stay after school.

"Hey Sadie! Dang there really is too many people here!" She says as she puts her bag down and sits at the table with us.

"Yeah and I can't believe its all free too."  I exclaim happily.

"That's the good part though." Liz adds.

"Yeah true, if we had to pay for it I wouldn't be here right now."

"How come Hannah? Couldn't your family afford it?" Liz asks.

"No, my mom had to quit her 3rd job because it started becoming too much for her to handle. I want to start working soon to support us, we need all the help we can get. So I try and get good grades on my report card to make her happy." Hannah answers.

"Oh wow, don't you have a little brother too?" Liz asks as she barley knows Hannah but I know a lot about her because we've been best friends since kindergarten.

"Yea, its just my mom, my brother, and I." Hannah says.

"Oh that has to suck, i'm sorry."

"Your mom should get a boyfriend."

Someone had to say it. So I did.

"Why don't you get a boyfriend Sadie?"

Hannah burned me.

"Cause' I don't want one! Guys are annoying!"

"Of course you think there annoying Sadie, A whole bunch of them are asking you out."

Guys really are annoying. They bug me so much.

"Yeah and its annoying. But you wouldn't know that Liz."

Liz knows i'm just messing with her. Hopefully.


"Well that's what you get for being pretty Sadie!"

"Liz i'm just messing."

When did being pretty become a bad thing?

"And exactly how is that bad Hannah??"

"I didn't say its bad. If your pretty and smart like you, then you'll get asked out."

"Then how come no one asked me out????"

Liz really wants a boyfriend. Its funny.

"Because your special."

"In a good way of course!!!"

Hannah just had to add the "In a good way" thing. We all laughed.

"We are all special in a good way."

Liz was right. Were all awesome. ASP or after school program, continued and we just had a normal day. My feet hurt from walking around in my new boots I just wanted to go home and take a nap. So that's what I did. I rode my normal bus home, ate dinner with my family, and went straight to my room, took of my boots and fell right to sleep. Since I had gone to bed so early I woke up at 11:59. I don't know how I remember that but somehow I do. I walked out of my room to go get some water and I saw a light in our yard. I'm very curious so I look outside the window and saw a bus on, running, in front of our yard. I looked down at my watch and it says 12:00. I look back outside and the bus is still there. One day my curiosity is going to get me killed. But there it sat waiting for someone to get on it. The New Bus.

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