Random Things I've written

Random essays and stories written by yours truly


2. 4th grade-Random Story

4th Grade

Once upon a time, Miss Kubu, my sister, and I were going to the mall to go shop, but when we were going in Miss Kubu's car it magically turned into a white unicorn. The white unicorn was wearing a harness that was covered with shining diamonds and snow, white pearls. We all stared in amazement, we couldn't believe our eyes. I blinked my eyes no it wasn't a dream there was actually a white unicorn in front of me! I reached out to touch the unicorn, but then it started to talk and it said,"How about you and your friends take a ride on me back to my home in the clouds, I bet my friends will love to see you!" When we got there all the unicorns started talking at once. I even heard one say,"Hey look I bet the teacher would love to be our new queen since our last queen died from a heart attack." So that's what they did they made Miss Kubu their queen and my sister and I were their new princesses and they all lived happily ever after!

The End!

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