The Division

The world is in ruins... an organization named the SHD(Strategic Homeland Division) has stepped up to the plate to save the world. Their best squad has been sent to take down the rest of the dark zones and save the world.


1. The Beginning of The End

That one day. The day that this whole crap of a storm started. The smallpox pandemic. It spread like wildfire. It spread as someone touched a chemical that made them sick. It spread after that. Spreading to hundreds in an hour, millions in a day. Three days later… the whole United States.


The SHD is the last line of defense. It was made to calm down the streets. It hasn’t been successful. But soon, it will be the thing to end all of this. What will it take to save what remains?


Manhattan. This place use to be so beautiful. Until… the event. Smallpox grew into something more. It went through like a flood. Those of us who survived… we now fight for our survival.


    A man with handcuffs on is seen running through the snow filled street. Cars were wrecked as the man ran past them. The man heard the howls of people… hunting him. He tried to outrun them, but fell.


    Another man in front of him stands in front. He picks him up.


    “What is your name?”, the man asked.


    “Daniel.”, Daniel said.


    “Who’s hunting you, Daniel?”, the man asked.


    The people that were howling find Daniel.


    “Get behind me.”, the man said.


    Daniel did just that.


    “What are your guys’s names?”, the man asked.


    “We? We’re the Hunters.”, the leader said.


    Three people appeared behind Daniel. They were with the man supposedly protecting him.


    “Are you hunting this man?”, the man asked.


    “Why, yes. Now, get out of the way before we kill you.”, the leader said.


    A shot is heard as it hits one of the Hunters. The hunter fell over dead.


    “I could do that. Or I could have my guy snipe all of you. Your choice.”, the man said.


    The Hunters decided to back off and leave, taking the gear of the fallen Hunter.


    “Thank you”, Daniel said.


    “Anytime. Let’s get you healed.”, the man said.


    The group went away from the deceased Hunter.


    “Alex, we’re moving.”, the man said.


    “Roger that. See you at base.”, Alex replied.


    Alex left his position. Daniel followed the group back to their base. The base was massive. It was an entire building of other SHD members. Daniel and the group walked past a bunch of them, gearing up to save Manhattan. Daniel didn’t know what to expect from these people.


    “This is our base, Daniel.”, the man said.


    “It’s huge.”, Daniel replied.


    “Darn right it is.”, Alex said.


    Alex and the man greeted each other.


    “What are you guys’s names?”, Daniel asked.

    “I’m Ethan. The sniper is Alex, the assault is Dylan, and the brute is Austin. I’m the leader of this group, Dylan is second in command.”, Ethan said.


    “Well, nice to meet you guys.”, Daniel replied.


    Daniel was guided by Dylan to a bed so that Daniel could rest. Daniel went to sleep like a rock.


    “That takes care of him. What do we do now?”, Dylan asked.


    “We clean our weapons, get some rations and water for Daniel, and get back to the main mission. Is that clear?”, Ethan asked his squad.


    “Yes, sir.”, the squad said.


    “Fallout.”, Ethan said.


    The squad went to clean their weapons. Ethan went to get some rations and water for Daniel. While Ethan was getting rations, he ran into his commander. His commander was about 60-70 years of age and wore a military uniform.


    “Commander Falls.” Ethan said.


    “Sgt. Bruno.”, Commander Falls replied.


    “How are things going since the last commander died?”, Ethan asked.


    “They’re fine. But lately I’ve been thinking about stepping down.”, Commander Falls said.


    “Why’s that?”, Ethan asked.


    “I don’t think I can take this anymore with my old age. In other terms, I’m getting too old for this crap.”, Commander Falls replied.


    “Why are you telling me this?”, Ethan asked.


    “Because I want you to become the new commander.”, Commander Falls said.


    “Why’s that, sir? I don’t really think I’m qualified for that.”, Ethan replied.


    “I’ve seen the way you treat your squad and that’s what people like me look for. Other squads like yours just want to get the mission and finish it. Then there’s your squad.”, Commander Falls said.


    “I appreciate the opportunity, sir. But I’m gonna have to say no for now. I just want to stick with my squad,” Ethan said looking at his squad. “They’re practically family.”


    “I understand, Sgt. Now, here’s your next mission.”, Commander Falls said.


    As Commander Falls gave Ethan his next mission, Dylan, Alex, and Austin finished cleaning their guns. They awaited Ethan to give them their next mission. Daniel woke up and tried to chat with the group.


    “He must be a good leader, huh?”, Daniel asked.


    The crew looked at Daniel.


    “He’s the best one we could ask for. He’s practically family to me. He’s like my brother.”, Dylan said.


    “I agree.”, Alex said.


    “Me too.”, Austin said.


    As the crew chatted with Daniel, Ethan went to them to give them their next mission.


    “Alright. Our next mission is to take out the dark zone in Harlem.”, Ethan said.


    “There’s more than one dark zone?”, Austin asked.

    “Afraid so.”, Ethan replied.


    “What are dark zones?”, Daniel asked.


    “That’s classified, unfortunately.”, Dylan replied.


    “You’re going to stay here and rest, Daniel. As for us, we have a job to do.”, Ethan said.


    The squad readied their gear and left the rations and water for Daniel. Each member of the squad had at least two days worth of rations and water in their backpacks. Ethan had an M16A4 assault rifle with an extended mag and ACOG sight and an M1911 pistol. Alex had an PSG-1 sniper rifle, a G17 pistol, and a rocket launcher.


    “Why do you have a rocket launcher?”, Dylan asked.


    “Don’t ask.”, Alex said.


    Dylan had an M16 and an AK-47 with a M9 pistol. Austin had a Spaz-12 shotgun with a six shooter. The crew went out into the chaos of Manhattan, looking at the bridges leading to the other dark zones.


    “I’m gonna call in a helicopter to pick us up and go to the Harlem dark zone.”, Dylan said.


    Dylan shot a flare high enough for our helicopters to see.


    “Helicopter 451 zooming in on your position. ETA about two minutes.”, a man said.


“Roger that.”, Ethan said.


As they waited for the helicopter, Alex heard a whistle.


“Did you hear that? It sounds like the Hunters again.”, Alex said.


“Alex, get into a sniping position. Dylan, Austin, you take the front. I’ll be ready to talk to them.”, Ethan said.

The group did just that. A large amount of Hunters appeared. Ethan was ready. One of the Hunters stepped forward. Ethan did the same until they were talking distance away from each other.


“You again?”, Ethan asked.


“I’m back.”, the hunter said.


“What do you want?”, Ethan asked.


“We? We want to kill you but our boss won’t let us. He wants to see you suffer.”, the hunter said.


“Who’s he?”, Ethan asked.


“You’ll find out soon enough.”, the hunter replied.


The Hunter lifted his arm. Ethan didn’t know what he was doing. So instead of letting the Hunter finish, Ethan tackled the Hunter.


“Shoot them!”, the hunter yelled.


The firefight began. Ethan and the one hunter were on the ground, underneath the gunfire. Dylan aimed his AK-47 at some of the assault Hunters and let them have it. Alex was getting headshots like nobody's business until his position was compromised.


“How much longer until the chopper gets here?!”, Austin yelled.


“50 seconds!”, Dylan answered.


Ethan and the other Hunter slowly got up and started fist fighting while gunfire surrounded them. Ethan managed to get more hits in than the Hunter. Ethan pulled out his knife and stabbed the Hunter. The Hunter fell to the ground, bleeding everywhere, slowly dying.


The other Hunters noticed this.


“Hold your fire!”, one Hunter said.

As the Hunters stopped, the chopper arrived. But one Hunter wasn’t going to take any chances. He pulled out a rocket launcher and shot down the chopper. The chopper was heading toward the Hunters. The Hunters attempted to retreat but were blown up by the helicopter.


“What do we do now?”, Dylan asked Ethan.


“We go on foot.”, Ethan replied.


As much as the group hated this idea, they still followed Ethan. Alex left his position again and caught up with the group. The group went on to the dark zone they were assigned to take care of. Off in the distance, Daniel is watching the group, waiting for the best moment to reintroduce himself.


As the group went to the dark zone, they were getting closer by the second. Until they heard a whistle in the distance, they stopped.


“Did you guys hear that?”, Ethan said.


“Hear what?”, Austin asked.


The whistles got louder.


“This way.” Ethan said.


The group listened to Ethan and went into a park. They were stopped by a horde of people with weapons, whistling. Ethan and the group were silent.


“There more of us than there are of you. Surrender your weapons.”, a Hunter said.


The group slowly put down all of their weapons.


Off in the distance, Daniel was in a sniping position with a Dragunov sniper rifle with a thermal scope. Daniel was ready to shoot. He waited for the right moment.


The group was placed on their knees, in a line.


“You wanna meet him?”, one Hunter asked.


“Who’s him?”, Austin asked.


“Our leader. Let me introduce you to… Dominic!”, the Hunter said.


Dominic stepped out with a staff wrapped in barbed wire on the ends. The grip was free of barbed wire.


“Crapping ourselves, yet?”, Dominic asked.


The group remained silent, looking at Dominic’s weapon.


“You like this? I made this myself.”, Dominic said.


The group still remained silent.


“I know you are scared now but trust me, you’ll be worse after this.”, Dominic said.


Ethan slowly pulled out a tiny knife and slowly started to cut out of his restraints.


“And you must be Alex.”, Dominic said pointing his staff at Alex.


“That’s me.”, Alex whispered.


“What’s that?”, Dominic said.


“That’s me.”, Alex said louder.


“I figured. You’re probably the best shooter I’ve ever seen. Maybe I should just kill you right now.”, Dominic said.


“NO!”, Dylan said bolting at him. Two Hunters held him down and kicked him a couple of times.


“Put him back in line.”, Dominic said.


Dylan was put back in line.


“You must be Dylan. You, my friend, have nice taste in weaponry.” Dominic said in Dylan’s face.


“That’s me.”, Dylan said.


“You’re really a fighter, huh?”, Dominic said.


Dominic walked in a circle.


“After you guys killed my people, I have to kill one of you.”, Dominic said.


He looked at Ethan and the group.


“I honestly can’t decide who, though.”, Dominic said.


Ethan was close to getting out of his restraints.


“I got an idea. I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 100. Whoever’s number is the furthest away from my number, dies. Choose wisely.”, Dominic said.


“32.”, Austin said.


“63.”, Dylan said.


“72.”, Alex said.


“24.”, Ethan said.


“Alright. My number was 73. So that means you.”, Dominic said pointing at Ethan.


Ethan’s restraints were off but he still kept his hands the same.


“You ready to die?”, Dominic said.


“Are you?”, Ethan said punching Dominic.


Ethan got on his feet fast and was ready to fight. The other Hunters attempted to stop him.


“No, no, no, no, no!”, Dominic said slowly getting up after that punch.


Ethan looked at Dominic.


“Leave this to me. Get the other prisoners out of the way.”, Dominic said.


The Hunters took the rest of the group out of the way.


“Let’s see what you got.”, Dominic said.


Ethan and Dominic charged at each other, ready to fight. 

As the two charged at each other, Ethan pulled out his knife. Dominic had his staff, ready to whack Ethan. Ethan managed to get a few stabs in Dominic before losing his knife to Dominic’s staff. The barbed wire caught Ethan’s knife as it flew in the sky. Dominic managed to loosen Ethan from him and whacked his ribs.


Ethan fell down, wounded and bleeding. Ethan was thinking about everything that had happened in the day. The firefight, meeting Daniel, fighting Dominic. Ethan laid there, ready to die.


“You ready to die, now?”, Dominic asked.


“Do it, you coward!”, Ethan yelled.


Dominic raised his staff at Ethan and swang. As Dominic was halfway through his swing, Ethan tripped Dominic and grabbed Dominic’s staff. Ethan had the advantage.


“You’re better than I thought. Go ahead… finish it.”, Dominic said.


Ethan swung at Dominic, only for the staff to get caught in the dirt next to Dominic. Dominic looked to his left and saw how close his staff was to his head. It was about a centimeter away from Dominic’s head.


“I will never be like you.”, Ethan said.


Ethan got up and looked at the other Hunters. The Hunters slowly left the park, knowing that their leader had been defeated. Dylan, Alex and Austin looked at Ethan as he was bleeding slowly. Dominic slowly got up, staff at hand.


“You really think this is over?”, Dominic said.


Ethan turned around and saw that Dominic was about to swing at Ethan’s head. A shot was heard and the bullet went through Dominic’s head. Ethan didn’t know who did it.


“You’re welcome.”, a voice said.


Ethan turned on his earpiece.


“Who is this?”, Ethan asked.


“It’s me, Daniel. I thought you guys need some back up.”, Daniel said.


“Why? You should be resting.”, Ethan said.


“No time for questions. Get out of there. I’m seeing multiple heat signatures heading towards you.”, Daniel said.


Ethan and the others grabbed their weapons and grabbed some extra ammo and weapons and put them into a weapons bag. The group left the park to continue their mission, now that Dominic was out of the picture.


Dominic wasn’t dead, though. As the group left, Dominic was laying there, lifeless. His eyes opened, filled with rage.


Back to Ethan's Group...


Ethan and the group meet up with Daniel. Daniel was excited to see the group alive.


“You guys okay?”, Daniel asked.


“Ethan is critically injured. He needs medical attention.”, Dylan said.


“Lucky for you guys, I brought a first aid kit.”, Daniel said.


As Daniel pulled out the first aid kit, whistling was heard again.


“We need to go. We can worry about my wounds later.”, Ethan said.


“If you don’t get attention soon, you could die.”, Alex said.


“Fine. We’ll go there and hide, tend to the wound, and shoot some of those guys.”, Ethan said.


The group did what Ethan requested. They hid from the Hunters until the whistling stopped. Once the whistling stopped, the group treated Ethan’s wound. Ethan had a few scratches from the barbed wire but he would be fine once the major wound was treated. After about 15 minutes of stitches and bandages, Ethan was in good condition.


“Let’s get moving. We need to get to the dark zone in Harlem.”, Ethan said.


The group readied themselves to go to Harlem. The group found a working vehicle and decided to drive the rest of the way there. However, Ethan found a motorcycle and decided to lead with that.




Dominic was found, nearly dead. The Hunters picked him up and decided to take him to their HQ. The Hunters were planning to take out that group of SHD and destroy their base as well.


Back to the Group…


Ethan was leading the group to Harlem on his motorcycle. Dylan drove the car occupying the rest of the team. As the group reached Harlem, it wasn’t pretty. Buildings were destroyed, markets were shattered. Fire was everywhere. No wonder they called this place a dark zone. Ethan stopped his motorcycle.


“This is it. The dark zone.”, Ethan said to his team.


The location was dark and full of mysteries.


“It’s kind of cold, actually.”, Daniel said.

Dylan handed Daniel some winter clothes. Daniel accepted them and decided to wear them. Ethan and Alex took lead of the group. Ethan was worried that his group may not survive the dark zone.


“Watch out. There maybe some rogues here.”, Alex said.


“Rogues?”, Daniel asked.


“People who betray their own and collect their gear so that they can use it to their advantage.”, Ethan said.


As the group escalated, a rogue off in the distance aims a sniper rifle at Ethan’s head. Dylan notices the laser dot on his head. Dylan rushes to Ethan and tackles him. A shot is heard, barely missing Ethan.


“Take cover!”, Ethan said.


A firefight ensued. Ethan could barely see where the enemy was. He put on a pair of night vision goggles so that he could see better. He was shooting at the enemy.


“Use your night vision goggles!”, Ethan yelled.


The group did as Ethan said. Daniel didn’t have a pair so Ethan gave him an extra pair he had. The firefight continued. Only what Ethan didn’t expect was to hear very loud whistling. The people shooting at Ethan and his group were massacred by other shots.


“Who was that?”, Daniel asked.


The whistling stopped. A shot is heard as it hit Austin in the chest, knocking him back.


“Austin!”, Dylan exclaimed.


The group rushed to Austin to assess the damage. Austin was shot straight in the heart. Austin was KIA.


“He was a good man.”, Alex said.

“We can mourn for him later. Let’s take care of the mission… for Austin.”, Ethan said.


The group left Austin, his lifeless body.


“Come on out, with your hands up!”, a familiar voice said.


Ethan and the others did just that. The person who said that was Dominic, long thought dead.


“Surprised to see me?”, Dominic asked.


“Dominic, I know we’ve had our differences but we need to take care of this dark zone. Which is why I ask for your help.”, Ethan said.


The Hunters laughed.


“You want my help? What makes you think I’ll help you?”, Dominic asked.


“Because… if you don’t, I’ll kill you for sure this time.”, Ethan said.


The Hunters laughed more. Ethan pulled out his combat knife, swinging at the other Hunters. Ethan captured Dominic and held the knife to his throat.


“You wanna help now?”, Ethan asked.


Dylan and the others aimed their weapons at the Hunters.


“Fine, we’ll help you.”, Dominic said.


“That’s what I thought.”, Ethan said.


Dominic was let go of. Dominic charged at Ethan with a machete. Dominic swang. Ethan dodged and stabbed Dominic in the heart. Dominic was slowly dying.


“And that’s why you don’t mess with me.”, Ethan whispered to Dominic.

Dominic breathed his last and died. The other Hunters looked at Ethan.


“Anyone else?”, Ethan asked madlike.


The Hunters shook their heads.


“Good.”, Ethan said.


The Hunters went to Ethan, ready to help.


Ethan went through the plan with the Hunters.


“Any questions?”, Ethan asked.


The Hunters shook their heads.


“Alright. Let’s go.”, Ethan said.


Ethan, Dylan, Alex, Daniel, and the Hunters marched onward. Onward to… the center of the dark zone. The group knew what to expect. They were willing to sacrifice their lives to salvage the rest of the world. They knew what it would take to save what remains.


As the group got into position, the saw it. The massive army of rogues protecting the center of the dark zone. The Hunters went to their assigned positions. Ethan and his main group sticked together.


“On my mark.”, Ethan said.


The Hunters aimed their weapons at the rogues.


“3.”, Ethan said looking at his comrades.


The Hunters loaded their guns.


“2.”, Ethan said loading his weapons and turning the safety off on them.


The Hunters were ready.


“Now!”, Ethan said.


Yet another firefight ensued. Ethan and his group went straight for the center. The Hunters provided cover fire.


“Hunters, disengage. Head to these coordinates for safety.”, Ethan said sending coordinates to the Hunters devices.


The Hunters did just that. Ethan received a message from the Hunters.


“Thanks for not killing us.”, a Hunter said.


Ethan chuckled as he went to the center of the dark zone.


“Dylan, disable the dark zone.”, Ethan said.


“Roger that.”, Dylan said.


Dylan was disengaging the dark zone. Ethan was covering him from any stray rogues. He didn’t encounter any. As Dylan was disengaging the dark zone, a warning was issued.


“Warning! If you disengage, destruction will occur.”, a voice said.


Dylan didn’t listen and disengaged the dark zone. The warning ensued, only this time, there was a self destruct sequence.


“Self Destruct Sequence begins in 10 minutes.”, the voice said.


“We gotta get out of here.”, Daniel said.


The group left the center back to Austin’s body. Ethan carried Austin’s body to the cars. They all took the one car, leaving the motorcycle. As they left, the destruction ensued. Harlem… was gone.


“Now what?”, Daniel asked.


“We head back.”, Ethan said.


As Ethan and the group head back to HQ, Ethan explained everything that happened to Austin and the dark zone to Commandeer Falls.


“Quite the story, Ethan. Now, what do we do with him?”, Commandeer Falls said pointing at Austin’s body. The other members of SHD were mourning Austin.


“We do what the Romans would do. Set his body on a wooden raft, set him at sea then set him on fire.”, Ethan said.


“Alright.”, Commandeer Falls replied.


As the members of SHD left to a body of water, Austin was set at sea. A fire was set to the raft. The members all watched, with tears in their eyes.


“What next, Ethan?”, Dylan asked.


“We got more dark zones to take care of.”, Ethan said.

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