Hunted: Prologue


9. scene 9

(Lights up on Luke, Annabelle and Percy. They are in their hideout. It is 2016)

Luke: Did you hear the news, Perc?

Percy: Yeah, your dad’s gone mental.

Annabelle(Worried): I wouldn’t say that while we’re still in Volos.

Percy: Yeah, you’re right...He might…

Fenrir: Find you?

Annabelle(Screams): How did you find us?

Fenrir: it was easy, really. I just thought to myself, where is the most logical place you’d be hiding.

Luke(Calm): Dad, I don’t want to fight you, please...just turn yourself in and…

Fenrir(Laughs): what do you take me for, Luke?

Annabelle(Quietly): Don’t say an idiot or stupid.

Fenrir: Put a lid on it, Annabelle. I’ve silenced your brother, Ryker. I can do it to you as well.

Annabelle(Angry): What have you done to him? If you lay one finger on him I’ll…

Fenrir: Aww, sticking up for your brother are you? How cute. You can join him, if you want. That can be arranged.

Luke: Oh shut it, dad...if you don’t have anything positive to say, just shut up.

(Fenrir grabs Luke)

Fenrir(Furious): Listen you little shit...I’m the one in charge here. You will do what I say and when I say.

Annabelle: Let him go, dad...Please. He didn’t do anything.

(Fenrir rounds on Annabelle still holding Luke)

Fenrir: And what’re you gonna do, Anna?

Annabelle: I’ll...I’ll...I’ll call the police and get you thrown back in prison.

Fenrir: Have it your way then.

(Fenrir throws Luke to the ground. Percy runs over to Luke.)

Percy: Are you ok, Mate...did he hurt you?

Luke: Don’t worry about it, Perc. I’ll be fine. He’s done worse.

Percy(To Fenrir): You’re really sick...I hope you realise that, dude.

Fenrir(Shrugs): Yeah...I realise.

Annabelle: Dad, please. Just stop. You don’t have to do this.

Fenrir: And who are you to tell me what to do?

Percy: Sir, Please. She’s trying to prevent you from getting thrown in prison like you were last month.

Luke: Percy, you’re not helping.

Percy: Look, Fenrir. If I were you, I’d turn myself in. being on the run is going to get you into more trouble than you’re worth.

Fenrir: Shut up, Prissy.

Percy: It’s Percy.

Fenrir: Whatever.(Rounds on Annabelle) I will make you pay for what you’ve done.

Percy: Sir, she’s done nothing.

Fenrir: Oh really? Then why are you not dead and why is my car here?

Annabelle(Upset): Dad, I did it for Luke’s safety. He can’t grow up in an abusive household. Just because Nana and Pop were abusive, doesn’t mean you have to be like them.

Fenrir: Fine, I’ll let you off but just this once because I have more pressing matters to deal with. I want to see Rachel and Vincent suffer.

Annabelle: So, you’re planning revenge on them because they threw you in jail?

Fenrir: Pretty much. I’ve got research to do.

(End scene)

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