Hunted: Prologue


8. Scene 8

(Lights up on the news reporter)

News reporter: And in world news, Fenrir has been bailed out of prison and is beginning a vicious rampage throughout Greece; Greek citizens are urged to remain vigilant and locked in their homes if Fenrir runs through as he is said to be armed and dangerous.

(Lights up on Vince and Rachel)

Rachel: Switch it off, Vince. This is disgusting. He needs to sort out his priorities before he hurts someone.

Vince: Agreed, maybe we should call…

Rachel: No, I forbid it. Fenrir is a monster. We can’t risk the safety of our agents.

Vince: I wasn’t gonna say our agents, I was going to say police. He’s gonna start  world war 3 if someone doesn’t do something.

Rachel: Yeah, the police aren’t gonna take us seriously.  He’s already been thrown in prison once.

Vince: Rachel, you’re not helping.

Rachel: I’m trying to help, Vincent. So where to from here?

Vince: We wait till Fenrir calms down. Hopefully soon.

Rachel(laughs): That’ll never happens because once Fenrir goes on a rampage, there is no stopping him.

Vince: You don’t know that.

Rachel: Or do I?

(End scene)

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