Hunted: Prologue


7. scene 7

(INT: Leo’s house)

(Lights up on Leo, we have gone forward in time to 2012. Leo has made himself at home in New Zealand.)

Ben: Hey, Bro.

Leo: Sup, Ben.

Ben: Congrats on yesterday.

Leo: Thanks man.

Ben: What did you do for young scientist?

Leo: I...uh...used my bodily fluids such as blood and saliva into medicines such as cherry cough syrup and a hemotoxin antidote.

Ben: Oh. so that’s what you were doing yesterday at home and what?.

Leo: it thins the blood to a point where it’s able to clot, it essentially reverses snake venom and Yeah, I ended up getting 1st place. With a $10,000 scholarship for when I leave school. That scholarship can get me into any science institution of my choice...I’m thinking Victoria but anyways, since your birthday is coming up, what do you wanna do? Dinner? Lunch? Your birthday is on the weekend.

Ben: I’m not sure, bro.

Leo: So, who are you rooting for in the olympics?

Ben: I’m rooting for Greece.

Leo: Same here, but then again, it is our birth country.

Ben: Yeah.

(Leo turns on the TV. he turns into the news)

News Reporter: And it seems that Fenrir has made bail. Due to his dangerous nature, Athenians are told to be vigilant if he or his gang members approach them.

Ben: Who is Fenrir?

Leo: Someone who mom and dad are worried about. Now should we get onto our homework?

Ben: Yes, please.

(Leo and Ben get their homework out as Vince and Rachel enter.)

Vince: How’d everything go today, boys?

Ben/Leo: Good, dad.

Vince: That’s good. Now, your mom and I are going out later, so. Leo, you’re in charge of your brother.

Leo: Yes, dad.

(lights up on Fenrir. He is reading his newspaper.)

Fenrir: Well, looks like we’re getting what we want. Vincent and Rachel have fled in a panic. But we already know what he’s afraid of.

(Lights up on Annabelle, Luke and Percy. They are looking a bit worn down.)

Percy: Annabelle, we need to go. We can’t live out here forever.

Annabelle: Yes, we can. We’ll live here until dad gets killed off.

Percy(Laughs sarcastically): that’ll never happen. You told me your father believed in the ancient gods and they reversed his aging.

Annabelle: Ok, I said that was Hebe. not all of them. Anyways, Hebe’s magic can only work for so long before it wears off.

Percy: How do you know this?

Annabelle: It’s called reading. And on the topic of reading, get a load of this bull.

(Annabelle hands Percy the newspaper)

Percy: How? He made bail?

Annabelle: Yes, apparently someone bailed him out.

Percy: Who would want to? He’s mental.

(Lights up on Fenrir’s house, he drags Ryker onstage and throws him to the ground)

Ryker: Dad,, dad...Please.

Fenrir: You have lied, stolen and deceived me for far too long. Now, I’m going to punish you severely.

Ryker: Dad, please...No!

(Ryker screams as the lights go down. Whip cracks are heard and ryker screams in pain. Lights come up and we see Ryker curled up in a ball, he is crying. Fenrir stands over him, looks at him and exits.)

Fenrir: Good luck shaking that one off.

(End scene)

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