Hunted: Prologue


6. Scene 6

(Lights up on News reporter)

News reporter: Thank you, Janice. And in more recent news, 22 year old fugitive, Fenrir McLean has been caught and is being held in the Athens city prison for 12.5 thousand Euro bail. Those wishing to see him, although I don’t know who would be crazy to want to, should head to Athens city prison and ask for Fenrir McLean.

(INT: Jail Cell)

(Lights up. We see Fenrir in prison. He is sitting at his table. The phone rings. He answers.)

Fenrir: This is Fenrir. How may I help?

Ryker: Dad? Dad, pick up!

Fenrir: Ryker? Yes, what do you want?

Ryker: dad, you need to get the cop’s attention.

Fenrir: Why?

Ryker: I felt bad about you, you know, going to prison.

Fenrir: Yeah, keep going.

Ryker: So, I, you know...paid your bail.

Fenrir: How? I’ve never given you pocket money ever.

Ryker: uh, no. Annabelle gave me your card and I used it. She had stolen it.

Fenrir: She what? That little bitch.

Cop 1: Oi, 224, watch your language.

Ryker: What was that?

Fenrir: What?

Ryker: What did he call you? 224?

Fenrir: yeah, inmates are known by numbers. I was number 224.

Ryker: So, get his attention now.

(Ryker hangs up)

Fenrir: Um...Excuse me, officer?

Cop 1: What, 224?

Fenrir: Um, I believe someone has paid my bail.

Cop 1: Let me see.

(Cop 1 exits and brings some paperwork)

Cop 1(Cont): I believe you’re right, 224. Pack up your things.

(Fenrir exits with Cop 1 and he is lead to the main office where Ryker is standing.)

Ryker: I’ll take him from here, officer.

Cop 1: You’re extremely lucky. I don’t want to see you here again.

Fenrir: You won’t.

Cop 1: I hope not. (To Ryker) take him away.

(End scene)

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