Hunted: Prologue


5. Scene 5

(INT: Leo’s house)

(Lights up. Time has fast forwarded to 2007 Rachel and Vince enter with Ben.)

Rachel: Hey, Leo?

Leo: Yeah, mom?

Rachel: Do you wanna say hello to your baby brother?

Leo: Yeah. can I?

Vince: go on.

(Leo approaches and Rachel hands Ben over)

Leo: What’s his name?

Vince: We went with the name Ben. just cause we thought it would give him strength.

Leo: Thats a cool name.

Rachel: I’ll just put Ben to bed, Vincent, would you be able to put the TV on?

Vince: Yeah, sure thing. We’ll catch the news.

News Reporter: And in recent news, Fenrir McLean is still at large. Athenian’s are urged to keep themselves safe and Cretans are urged to lock their doors as Fenrir may use the baltic sea as passage. And now on to sport-

Vince: Hey Rachel?

Rachel(Offstage): I’m coming.

(Rachel enters)

Rachel(Cont): Yeah?

Vince(Quietly): We have to get Leo out of here.

Rachel(Quitely): Why? What’s wrong?

Vince(Quitely): Fenrir is at large, Greece isn’t safe anymore.

Rachel(Quietly): But the FPL…

Vince(Quietly): The FPL can’t do’ve seen what Fenrir did to Nathan, I can’t risk that happening to Leo.

Leo: What’s going on?

(Rachel walks over to Leo)

Rachel: Leo, darling. There’s a donut there, could you please take it and go into the lounge.

Leo: Kay

(Leo grabs the plate on the bench and exits)

Vince: So, where do you suppose? Ukraine? Australia?

Rachel: I’d go with New Zealand but, it’ll take us ages to get there, because we’ll have stopovers in Athens, singapore.

Vince: No it won’t. I’ll book with Aegean airlines, we can get from Athens to New Zealand in a matter of 9 hours. With a stopover in the gold coast.

Rachel: And if our flight from the gold coast to wellington is cancelled?

Vince: I’ll just book a hotel room on Trivago. Easy as pie.

Rachel: Oh shut it, Vincent. You don’t even know how to make pie.

Vince: Yes I do. You craved pie when you were carrying Nathan.

Rachel: Shut it, Vincent. Don’t bring up private matters in public.

Vince: But…

Rachel: No! Just get those flights out of here if you have to. I’ll tell him.(Yells) Leo, pack your bags. We’re going on holiday.

(End scene)

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